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growth marketing agency london - Monumental Marketing


We Create

It all starts with creation, combining our experience and skills to build.

growth marketing agency london - Monumental Marketing


We Optimise

Once we’ve created, we continuously tweak, chop and change to boost success.

growth marketing agency london - Monumental Marketing


You Grow

And the result? Results.

Growth Marketing Agency London

Monumental Marketing

Monumental Marketing is a growth marketing agency based in London. We focus on high return multi-channel marketing; fuelled by some of the country’s best minds, we combine paid and unpaid channels to grow our clients’ success.

Our unique offering sets us apart in the market. We believe in creating marketing ecosystems that are flexible, dynamic and data-driven.

growth marketing agency london - Monumental Marketing

Our belief

Monumental was born through the very simple idea that great digital marketing & PR should be available to companies of all sizes, regardless of their budgets. Jamie Love, founder of Monumental, is a multi-channel marketing specialist with years of experience in a variety of different industries, from fitness and lifestyle to fashion. As the digital sphere has developed so has the marketing sphere, and ultimately the way in which one is to use digital marketing must change accordingly. Instead of focusing on channels as separate entities, Love found that the most successful approach was to create a thriving, efficient and effective ecosystem between all channels. 

As a growth marketing agency, the success of this ecosystem method has been proven with a number of Monumental clients. An understanding of the way in which all channels affect each other is crucial if one wants to create an online presence that will be sustainable, profitable and Monumental. Creating a story online that customers can follow and engage with is what Monumental hopes to achieve for its clients, either as their full online outsourced marketing team or an powerful extension to an in house growth marketing department. 

Our Clients

Being driven by a broad ethos, our clients operate in various sectors and markets. A substantial amount of our work is in technology, fitness, education and entertainment. Monumental clients can be found both in Business to Business and in Business to Customers companies in London and globally.
What we do

Digital Marketing

Marketing Company London

Digital marketing with us, as our ethos states, is fully-encompassing and multi-faceted. We build websites, drive traffic, optimise your search ranking and boost your online success.

  • Website Creation
  • SEO
  • PPC & Display
What we do

Social Media

Social Media Agency London

Social Media Marketing is a great way to give your brand a voice, a personality and boost two-way conversations between you and your customers. Engagement is key.

  • Organic Social
  • Paid Social
  • Social Content
What we do

Digital PR

Digital PR Agency London

We believe in PR with a purpose. Focusing on targeted, high-return PR opportunities to not only increase your brand awareness but to also drive traffic and sales. 

  • Digital Press
  • Influencers
  • Affiliate

Word on the street

  • Working with the Monumental Marketing team has thus far been a wonderful endeavour. This growth marketing agency has the energy, creativity and execution that has exceeded expectations and they bring excellent ideas to the table, daily. We have an amazing partnership and long may it continue.

    Tom Pascoe
    Chief Strategy Officer / HoloMe
  • Monumental are talented, dedicated marketers that added value from day one. Our team loved working with them and saw results.

    Raphael Farasat
    CEO / Truffl
  • The team at Monumental have been revolutionary for myself and my brand. They have provided 24 hour support and have revolutionised how we operate delivering better results and more importantly higher profits.

    Ross Barr
    CEO / Ross Barr


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