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Monumental Marketing is a London based growth marketing agency focusing on high return multi-channel marketing. We are fuelled by some of the country’s best minds, we combine paid and unpaid channels to grow our clients’ success.

Our unique offering sets us apart in the market. We believe in creating marketing ecosystems that are flexible, dynamic and data-driven.

“Monumental are talented, dedicated marketers that added value from day one. Our team loved working with them and saw results.”

Raphael Farasat / CEO Truffl

Our belief

Monumental was born through the very simple idea that great digital marketing & PR should be available to companies of all sizes, regardless of their budgets. Jamie Love, founder of Monumental, is a multi-channel marketing specialist with years of experience in a variety of different industries, from fitness and lifestyle to fashion. As the digital sphere has developed so has the marketing sphere, and ultimately the way in which one is to use digital marketing must change accordingly. Instead of focusing on channels as separate entities, Love found that the most successful approach was the create a thriving, efficient and effective ecosystem between all channels.

The success of this ecosystem method has been proven with a number of Monumental clients. An understanding of the way in which all channels affect each other is crucial if one wants to create an online presence that will be sustainable, profitable and Monumental. Creating a story online that customers can follow and engage with is what Monumental hopes to achieve for its clients, either as their full online outsourced marketing team or an powerful extension to an in house marketing department.

Our Services


Encompassing all that takes place behind the scenes to build the foundation for success. Our data-driven online work engages all your digital channels in order to grow your customer base. Using social media and search, the combination of paid and organic methods drives traffic to your website that is optimized to bring the best results.


Online aesthetics are everything as the digital world leaves little time between when you are seen and then scrolled past. Creating a consistent brand image whilst still staying on top of design trends makes for content, whatever the form, that brings value to the customers.


The most glamorous side to Monumental Marketing. Our PR is very targeted, very multi-faceted and most importantly unique. We focus our efforts on high return digital PR to ensure our work is fully trackable.

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Meet the clients

Our partners

Being driven by a broad ethos, our clients operate in various sectors and markets. A substantial amount of our work is in technology, fitness, education and entertainment. Monumental clients can be found both in Business to Business and in Business to Customers companies in London and globally.


Interested in finding out how Monumental can help your business grow? Get in touch today! We offer no commitment quotes.

Word on the street

Our testimonials

We engaged Monumental to build on our marketing and PR plans for the world premiere of Summer in London by Rikki Beadle-Blair MBE, and they brought a fresh perspective and bags of energy. The timing was quite tight but Monumental helped us to reach new and broad audiences with a multi-faceted approach. We were in regular communication and they exceeded what they pitched, so I would definitely work with them again.

Katie Walker
Marketing Manager / Stratford East

The team at Monumental have been revolutionary for myself and my brand. They have provided 24 hour support and have revolutionised how we operate delivering better results and more importantly higher profits.

Ross Barr
CEO / Ross Barr

Jamie is a talented, dedicated marketer that added value from day one. Our team loved working with him and saw results.

Raphael Farasat