We are a multi-award winning growth marketing agency and the leader in digital acquisition. We’ve helped over 80 brands globally absolutely smash their goals. We believe in achieving high results by creating a bespoke multi-channel digital marketing ecosystem, that is both dynamic and data-driven.


The Monumental Growth Ecosystem is based on years of experience successfully combining channels to grow our clients’ businesses. We look at things differently because we have an authentic diversity of thinking coupled with differential experience because of the people we have at its core.

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Monumental is all about growth. Our efforts in targeting keywords and search terms will drive high returns for your business’ online presence. We are unique in our offering as our team is made up of developers, content writers, digital PR specialists and digital marketeers ensuring that over 300 factors that affect your rankings are taken into consideration. We are focused on growing our clients’ business using the power of unpaid, organic search with the sole aim to drive real bottom line results.

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At Monumental, we connect brands with authentic influencers. We focus on implementing tailored influencer campaigns using insights-based creative strategies, to produce campaigns that are fully-optimised to achieve specific business goals and a guaranteed return on investment. Our growing roster has over 9,000+ influencers on a global scale, across sectors, providing us with invaluable insights and contacts into a wide and diverse range of audiences. Our Influencer Marketing services help our clients from start to finish by building campaigns that are not only innovative, but also effective, measurable, and targeted.

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Utilising PR can be a completely organic way of achieving the desired growth result. Whether it’s using news stories or creating campaigns for our clients, we help them to get their names in front of the right people. That might include securing coverage on news sites, industry magazines or across broadcast – our expertise helps us to reach a multitude of channels. PR helps brands increase their recognition, presence and credibility, and so it’s a crucial piece to your marketing mix to ensure high growth.

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Social Media

Developing, growing, and maintaining a strong social media presence is something we at Monumental take great pride in for our clients’ businesses. Our approach entails examining your target market in depth in order to determine what tactics are most effective. Everything from creative and educational content to community management and engagement is done by our team to help you grow your following, influence and success across social channels. Because your success is our success, we will work tirelessly to ensure that your social media accounts receive endless big thumbs up!

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Get in touch and start activating your growth marketing efforts. Speak with our team of channel experts that will be happy to discuss your brand and strategise to redefine success for your marketing goals.