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Monumental PR services are, well, monumental. And we take that seriously. Nowadays, PR is more important than ever, with the ability to cut through the noise and make your voice heard getting harder and harder each day. With our role as a PR agency, we define our PR as targeted, high-efficiency work to achieve quality results.

But how do we do that? Read on to find out more!

Unlike many PR agencies that have teams doing multiple roles, we have experts in every department:

  • No half-baked trainees “pretending” to be experts.
  • Each Monumental (which we self-identify as) is an expert in their PR field. 
  • Our varied experience allows us to have an extensive black book of valuable contacts.

Why is digital PR important?

+ Award-Winning LGBTE Accredited Business

Build brand identity

The primary goal of digital PR is to foster trust between your company brand and the target audience. Digital PR uses stories, news, and press releases to boost brand authenticity. It demonstrates your company's competence and what distinguishes it.

Increasing sales

Boost your business’s reputation

Enhance your SEO strategy

Driving education

Why use us as your PR agency?

We’re not like other PR agencies. We’re extremely results-focused, but that doesn’t mean we just get results for the sake of it. We achieve meaningful and valuable results that actually have an impact on your business objectives. 

We’re diversity-driven, meaning we love working with people who might be considered a minority. We’re very vocal about our core values, meaning we like to get fully behind what our clients believe in too. We’re all about elevating voices and boosting those who need to be heard.

It’s become a strong part of Monumental during the last few years and it’s fully ingrained in our culture. So, if you think you’re struggling to get your story heard, then we’re here to help. In a saturated news landscape, it can be difficult to push through the noise – but we thrive on it and love it. We’re always up for a challenge.


Our core PR services

PR strategy01

PR strategy-building includes a vast range of activities that depend on the desired outcome. Luckily, with our expertise, we can create a unique plan to ensure that these goals are met. Whether you are looking to build your presence in your industry media, or have a gold-tier publication that you’ve always dreamt of being included in… we can help.

Personal PR02

Personal PR is essential to your personal and professional success. Personal PR will be crucial to furthering your personal and business goals, whether it is ensuring that you are visible in the right places by getting acceptable media interviews or speaking engagements, or ensuring that your digital presence is up-to-date, representative, and correct. We’ve got you covered.

Media training 03

We’ve worked with many clients in our time, and we know how common it is for the media to ask for an interview from someone within the company. we help get prepared for that interview, whether it be in-person or virtual. You might think that you’re confident but, trust us, as soon as the interview gets underway, it’s not long before the pressure can set in and you begin to lose track of where you are. 

Securing Media Coverage 04

At Monumental, we know how to get you relevant media coverage to make a splash in your industry. Media coverage spreads your message to a larger audience and helps to develop your brand’s credibility. When your audience looks at your internet reputation and decides whether or not to acquire a product or service from you, positive media coverage may be an immensely effective tool and we know exactly how to do just that.

We set clear and understandable KPIs to benchmark our performance against – this might be how much media coverage is secured on a quarterly basis or something specific such as the quality of backlinks.

Content creation 05

Within the strategy planning stage, we will outline a robust content strategy to support your other marketing strategies. This might take the form of press releases, thought-leadership articles, case studies, survey reports or whitepapers. We’re on hand to help decide which one of these formats will be the most effective way of getting the message across to your target audience.

PR for funding06

We’ve worked with many start-ups and we understand that funding is a huge part of that journey. And interest from the media can be a positive indicator of the market’s desire for adoption and overall reception. Our PR activity can help raise awareness and trust of a start-up to support and even increase fundraising efforts.



Our strategy for PR service

Our PR strategy is all-encompassing and can include several different elements to complete your mix. They can work in tandem with your existing marketing strategy to ensure that the jigsaw pieces all fit together and complement one another. 

Our core offering includes strategy building, content creation, media monitoring, media relations and evaluation and monitoring. These elements make up the foundation of our services and help us to create a greater understanding of your business. We can begin to generate valuable coverage, but just as importantly, we can evaluate the impact that this can have on your media presence. Our established KPIs and expectations keep us on track for reaching the goal of the PR activity.


Ready to kickstart some digital PR?

We’re always excited to hear from brands who want to commit to growth marketing. Whether you have a brief written up or you need some time with us to work out exactly what you need please get in touch by filling out the form.

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