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What is an influencer marketing agency?

Influencers are individuals who have a dedicated followers on various social media platforms and are viewed as experts within their niche. Influencer marketing services are a branch of social media marketing, where brands collaborate with influencers on Instagram, Tik Tok and Linkedin, allowing them to showcase their products and/or services through their social channels.

  • An influencer marketing agency helps brands increase that exposure and awareness.
  • Influencer marketing has become a successful and increasingly popular channel throughout the years due to the high amount of trust and credibility that influencers have built up with their following.
  • Recommendations from influencers serve as a form of social proof to your brand’s potential customers.

Why hire us as your influencer marketing agency in London?

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Save time and money

How would you react if we told you, on average, email correspondence and general liaison per influencer takes around three (yes, 3!) hours? As the leading influencer marketing agency in London, we free up brands to focus on other business priorities instead.

Help you get in touch with the right influencers

Take advantage of the agency's existing influencer repertoire

Measure effectiveness of campaigns

Why choose influencer marketing?

Word-of-mouth is a powerful force in consumer decision-making and it’s estimated that 20 – 50% of all decisions are influenced by it. And so are sales.
Influencer marketing helps you build an expert community of influential figures around your brand that fuels trust. Influencers can help you promote new products and content by mentioning them on their blogs and social media channels. The best Influencers are increasingly seen as trustworthy as a friend or acquaintance who might recommend a product/service. This is typically because of the quality relationships they’ve built up with their followers.

Influencers who are part of certain demographics, or have a strong follower base in a specific area, will have a lot of insight into the different viewpoints and issues that affect their niches and interests – mainly because they talk and engage with them and have an ear to the ground.

So, influencers can help you run campaigns that are inclusive, interesting and, crucially, not patronising. They can help access and engage with niches that might not be so easy to enter by yourself.


An influencer puts a face to a product and more importantly, a personality too - they essentially become a walking, talking endorsement. Adding the weight of an influencer’s opinion into a marketable testimonial gives your product/service some much-needed kudos.

What is our process?

Influencer discovery01

We create a bespoke shortlist of influencers for you, depending on your business needs and goals, to ensure that you reach your desired demographic (e.g. the ever-changing youth culture). We filter through audience sizes, locations, interests and behaviours to ensure you collaborate with the right people.

With a plan set around your network, goals and what types of influencers you want to target, we return to researching how to actually source the right influencers.

Influencer liaising02

We take care of all communication with the influencers, from ensuring they get the right content brief, trackable links and when/how to post.

Influencer campaigns03

We completely run your influencer marketing campaigns, from the initial outreach to liaising with influencers and ensuring the brief is fulfilled. Right up to the final step of ensuring their stats and engagement rate through their posts are tracked.

Creating branded content04

To this day we only work with authentic content creators who produce content that the target audiences love, tell a branded story and are socially powerful.

Influencer reporting05

We provide live dashboards based on the status of the campaign, which includes important metrics of effectiveness such as reach, impressions, engagement rates, earned media value and interactions. These also provide insights into the target audience and how to further improve brand awareness.


How much do our influencers cost?

It’s important to note that running a successful influencer marketing campaign is not a set-it-and-go type of strategy. It involves careful monitoring throughout the entire process and even beyond. With this, the budget and cost depends on what niche of influencers you are looking at, not to mention the number of influencers and the type of content you would like from them.

Unlike automated social ads, influencers are human and frequently balancing multiple partnerships, whilst creating and editing content that takes care and time.

As an influencer marketing agency, we have to be more hands-on with these relationships to cultivate them, and refine your approach through experience about what does and doesn’t work for your brief.


Ready to kickstart some influencer marketing?

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