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Monumental is the one-stop shop for start-ups and established businesses to transform their growth marketing efforts. We implement digital strategies that will scale your business.

As a growth marketing agency, we focus on creating and growing businesses through designing a bespoke multi-channel plan to continuously redefine our clients’ success. We only work with high growth companies, those that are seriously ambitious about their desire to succeed.

Our expertise lies within digital marketing; search marketing, influencer marketing, PR and social media. Whether you require one service, or need all four, we are on hand to provide the best strategy to help them work together in tandem – growing your business quickly, yet organically.

We have successfully operationalised our diversity, inclusion and belonging values. Prioritising our team’s, clients’ and work diversity to truly foster an environment of unique creativity and growth. This natively authentic diversity and strong focus on results is what sets Monumental apart from the galaxy of other agencies out there.

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Let’s take it right back to 2017. A year where digital kept increasing its presence in everyday life, with it the rise of technology and the need for established businesses to pivot their efforts to compete in this ever changing landscape. The startups in this space were frustrated, the “way things were always done” by big traditional agencies simply would not suit their ambitious growth goals. Something had to change, a Monumental shift in the industry was vital.

That’s exactly when Monumental Marketing (that’s what we were called back then) was born.

Headed by Jamie Love, a leader in startup growth marketing. Monumental was built from the ground up, completely bootstrapped, powered by a fearless passion to make a change in our industry. Jamie’s determination to provide a gold-star results focused service to all clients has been intrinsically woven throughout the very foundations of the company to ensure that all of The Monumentals – what our team is known as today – are on the same page.

After representing and working with a number of clients across all sectors, Monumental was awarded Best Growth Marketing Agency 2020 by The Business Excellence Awards and Most Outstanding Growth Marketing Agency 2021 by The Global Business Insights Awards. Recognising that working with our team of diverse, passionate and talented individuals leads to thriving and effective digital ecosystems between all marketing channels.



Having previously worked for many successful businesses across the UK, Jamie recognised the importance of multi-channel approach within digital marketing. Alongside, Jamie’s dedication is complimented with his activist work in the LGBTQIA+ community – a cause he holds close to his heart. Helping members of the LGBTQIA+ space in their professional journeys was one of the main motivations behind the forming of Monumental, following Jamie’s personal experience of the discrimination towards the community whilst interviewing for jobs.

To continue with that passion, Jamie has also been the Marketing Director and Executive Producer for Edinburgh Pride since 2018, with Monumental itself being a proud lead sponsor for the event.

As a passionate digital marketeer with 10+ years of experience in online acquisition and startup growth marketing, Jamie is totally enamoured by his job and enjoys being at the forefront of digital, marketing and PR. Combined with being a strong figure in the LGBTQIA+ community, many entrepreneurial triumphs to his name and worldly experience, his determination to succeed runs through his veins.


Our values


Monumental is an agency with a dynamic and innovative team. We will not water down our message. We are unapologetic thought-provoking visionaries.


We want everyone who engages with Monumental to feel welcomed, so we communicate in a way that is friendly and inclusive, yet highly-effective.


Even during challenging times, we remain optimistic about the future - in fact, we love a challenge and that helps us to become more strategic.


Our service always has been, and always will be, client-centric. We take huge pride in what we do, excellence is what we strive for whilst keeping our client’s needs front of mind to provide high-quality, consistent and sustainable results.





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