How we use social media for your brand

Social media has become an integral part of our everyday lives, so building a robust social media strategy for your business is imperative, too. It’s become one of the main ways to reach customers, build brand awareness and grow an online presence that typically helps impact the bottom line.

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Why does your business need social media?

Social media attracts customers, helps collate valuable feedback and builds loyalty and trust. Many surveys reveal that customers usually check businesses on social media platforms before deciding whether to buy from them or not. It helps to build a picture of the brand, their values and how they work – typically, people are now searching for brands that they can relate to and align with, with 71% of consumers who have a positive experience with a brand on social media recommending them to their friends and family. Social media can help give prospective customers that level of insight.

Being present equals attention and that attention equals sales. Social media creates a gap between initial interest and the completion of a transaction, helping to direct traffic to a desired website and encourage a relationship to form.

It also knows no boundaries, helping to increase the potential reach within international markets too. In short, it increases overall exposure on a global scale.

What we do


As part of our social media management services, we will represent you and your business across multiple social channels to become the sole voice for your brand. We will focus on developing, guiding and monitoring your overall presence to improve awareness and share the message far and wide – but, importantly, to the right people. Look at it as social media growth.

As your social media agency, we are committed to staying up to date with the latest social media trends, rumours and digital technologies as well as predict future trends. We keep our finger on the pulse, both personally and professionally, to stay connected with everything in the world of social media marketing.


We will drive your organic social media growth across Instagram, TikTok, Linkedin and Facebook. We do this by taking a deep dive into your audience, insights and data to truly understand what they’ll engage with and relate to.

Once this is established we develop a tailored content calendar with lots of opportunities to test content, creative and messaging to continuously optimise and grow your following, engagement and impact.

We manage everything for you, from content creation, to publishing, to reporting and even engaging with your community via direct messages and comments management.

Get more sales with social media marketing

Building strong social media channels can help generate an increase in sales. By using a multi-channel approach, the results can be significantly higher than if there was no presence across social media platforms. Monumental can help make this a possibility, using some or all of the elements listed below. To curate perfectly-balanced social media campaigns, it’s key to first consider what results you would like to see, and then discover which marketing campaign can help you to achieve it.



Creating content to build a strong resource library is a valuable asset for any business. By generating captivating material to use across various social media platforms helps to build a cohesive strategy, which tends to appeal to customers. We can help create organic content, in addition to building your existing content and boosting its effectiveness.

Our digital marketing agency generates ad creative and design inviting social media feeds, alongside curating IG stories, Instagram feed posts, Facebook posts, LinkedIn posts and TikTok videos. These can either be variations of a similar topic, or something entirely different on each platform – depending on who your target audience is and what they want to see.

We can also create captivating content for your platforms, which includes writing posts, captions and multimedia visuals.
As a social media agency based in London, we work with content creators in the UK but we will collaborate with international social media consultants.

Social media strategy

First of all, we work best through testing and measuring. We then learn from those results to help us curate the most effective social media campaign for you, your business and your budget.

We focus on developing a strategy with a twist, one that keeps things interesting and doesn’t play to the norm. Using innovative technology and strategies to develop the best social media campaigns with the aim of increasing brand awareness and customer engagement, based on sturdy frameworks that include specific content matrics, content pillars and hashtag strategies.

Our relevant and hyper-focused content will build business authority that ensures a prospective customer has the right first impression through social and paid media.



Growth hacking is what we are most known for, we are a multi-award winning growth marketing agency! Growth hacking in simple terms is the practice of generating jaw dropping results with very little spend in terms of advertising, content creation or even talent fees. When we apply these skills to our clients’ social media we see huge uplifts in followers, engagement and sales.

To do this effectively we get creative. We design creative concepts as part of the strategy phase that will be mapped out over the course of the upcoming weeks or even months. When it comes to social media growth hacking we like to work with competitions, giveaways, collaborations, influencers, user generated content and more. The most important part of social growth hacking is that there needs to be a sense of education, entertainment and most importantly value that will lead viewers to take an action to engage with your brand.

To see our growth hacking in action check out our case studies for Acute Art or Fafa’s.


Advertisements (fresh and unique content) and sponsored posts (existing content that is “boosted”) are two of the main ways to reach your audience across social media. As part of our services with building social media strategies, we can help manage that relationship. We are well-accustomed with each and every platform, their intricacies, nuances and specific parameters that need to be met to ensure the best results.

Despite ads sometimes getting a bad reputation, they are a guaranteed way to reach audiences that go far beyond your followers. Your assigned social media consultant in London supports either boosting your organic content or creating unique advertisements. We help to develop a strong multi-layered ad strategy, supporting through the creative process and managing the delivery to test and learn.

We work closely with you to determine the target audience for your social media strategy. We take an in-depth look at specific insights and engagement across existing platforms to figure out which audience will be the most effective.

There are many factors within this decision-making process, but it’s crucial to get it right. These factors include age, gender, interests, location etc. The more information we can draw from existing platforms means we can help to build a tailored approach with our social media strategy. We can hone our efforts and deliver the very best results.


TikTok Advertising

Marketing your brand on TikTok is a must. It’s time to take advantage of viral growth, their advertising platform, and the ability to get your business in front of millions of people.

Why and how, you wonder? Here are the reasons why TikTok advertising is so effective:

1. Using interest, custom, and lookalike audiences, you can more precisely target the right users with the correct content, increasing your chances of success.

2. In TikTok’s creative studio, you’ll find tools for repurposing your own content for use in advertisements.

3. Ads on TikTok are more likely to be seen and heard than on any other social media platform, thanks to the fact that everyone has their phone’s sound turned on, making for a more engrossing user experience.

4. AR effects, transitions, filters, and text are just a few of the sophisticated in-app features you can employ.


Paid social is a fiercely competitive, yet necessary, environment. Your company can reach almost any potential customer by advertising on social media. Facebook provides highly targeted advertising solutions to connect you with more than 2 billion monthly active users. With Facebook Ad campaigns designed for each stage of the sales funnel, you can turn awareness into action. On top of that, Instagram is a highly visual and engaging advertising platform for your company. Combining Facebook’s extensive ad system with Instagram’s market-leading native placements will increase ROI and segment your audience down to the microscopic level and promote your products or services to the people who want to hear from you.

Our mission is to assist brands in doing more than just existing by developing meaningful campaigns and ad creatives that tell stories, are visually appealing, and make a difference in the lives of their potential customers. We want to utilise the online world to get your brand seen and heard in all the right places. In today’s society, brand awareness and conversion advertisements on Facebook and Instagram are extremely beneficial, and we provide our clients with monthly campaigns, analyse the data, and refine components to maximise campaign performance.


LinkedIn Advertising

With Google Ads and Facebook advertising dominating the advertising landscape, LinkedIn advertising is frequently overlooked. However, if you don’t take use of the world’s most popular professional networking site, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. LinkedIn has over 400 million users and a wide range of features, it’s impossible to reach your target audience more directly than with LinkedIn’s combination of demographic targeting, PPC advertising, and the ability to speak with people in your industry. You have a winner on your hands if you combine this with the fact that LinkedIn’s audience has two times the purchasing power of the average web audience.

Get started and learn from the mistakes of your first campaign before making any significant modifications. LinkedIn ads may be exactly what you need to expand your brand!