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Monumental social media services are, well, monumental. We live, breathe and eat, social. Seriously. Because social media has become a fundamental part of our daily lives, developing a solid social media strategy for your business is also essential. It’s become one of the most important ways to reach customers, raise brand recognition, and expand an online presence, all of which have a positive influence on the bottom line.

But how do we do that? Read on to find out more!

That’s right, unlike other agencies who typically have long contracts, we are so confident in our ability that you will need just 3 months to make an impact.

  • We provide a creative flare, business savvy, and hard-core digital expertise to your social channels.
  • No half-baked trainees “pretending” to be experts.
  • Each Monumental (which we self-identify as) is an expert in their social media field.

Why is social media so important for your business?

+ Award-Winning LGBTE Accredited Business

Increase brand awareness and reach

With more than half of the global population using social media, sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are obvious places to reach new and highly targeted potential customers.

Boost sales

Establish your brand as a thought leader

Own your space

Why choose Monumental as your social media agency?

At Monumental, we focus on establishing, leading, and most importantly growing your social presence in order to raise your brand awareness. We aim to achieve meaningful and valuable results that actually have an impact on your business objectives. 

We’re diversity-driven, meaning we love working with people who might be considered a minority. We’re very vocal about our core values, meaning we like to get fully behind what our clients believe in too. We’re all about elevating voices and boosting those who need to be heard.

It’s become a strong part of Monumental during the last few years and it’s fully ingrained in our culture. So, if you think you’re struggling to get your story heard, then we’re here to help. In a saturated news landscape, it can be difficult to push through the noise – but we thrive on it and love it. We’re always up for a challenge. 


Our core Social Media services

Social Media Management01

Our social-obsessed team will manage your social platforms, from TikTok to Linkedin, and dive into your brand’s personality to understand your tone of voice and how to effectively interact with your audience and target communities.

Social media ads02

Social ads are an important part of growing your community and business. Whether your aim is to increase sales, downloads or raise awareness, our team creates targeted and innovative social media campaigns that outperform the competition. We create, manage and optimise social media ad campaigns on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and more to help you fulfil your objectives.

Social media strategy03

Our team at Monumental is skilled at analysing your company’s demands in order to develop and implement the best plan of action with the proper amount of support. We carefully put together a bespoke social media strategy that caters to both your digital and business goals.

Social media campaigns04

If you want to engage your audience, you must use social media – We provide cost-effective and creative campaigns, including growth hacks and creative concepts that cut through the noise to boost your brand.

Influencer marketing05

We can also create a unique and well-rounded social media campaign for your business by identifying and engaging key influencers in your industry to increase your brand’s reach and authenticity. 

Find out more about our Influencer marketing services here.


Our strategy for social media

We’re a growth marketing agency with a social twist.

We create multi-channel campaigns through our powerhouse digital ecosystem to catapult you and your business to success. From strategies to reactive discussions, we generate stories, not simply social media posts.

We base our social strategic thinking not just on audience and category, but also on the cultural dialogue of what’s happening at this very second. On ever-changing social and digital platforms, we push the frontiers of what content is capable of.

Our social team creates social-first creative content that can exist across any platform, to tell your story authentically, effectively and ultimately help you achieve both your digital and business goals.


Ready to kickstart your socials?

We’re always excited to hear from brands who want to commit to growth marketing. Whether you have a brief written up or you need some time with us to work out exactly what you need please get in touch by filling out the form.

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