What is digital PR and why do I need it?

“Advertising is what you pay for, publicity is what you pray for!”
– Helen Woodward.

Digital PR is an online marketing strategy that delivers the desired message of a business or brand to its target demographic.

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How can Monumental's digital PR team help elevate your brand?

Here at Monumental, we influence where a brand ranks in Google and how its online image is delivered and viewed.

We create a tailored list of contacts and use them in our communications to ensure that specific products and/or services reach the right people. This service results in a high ROI for our clients.

The team uses a multi-faceted approach with our clients by combining skills from the entire agency team to support PR outreach and exposure. We use skills & insights from the entire digital agency to increase exposure on the web and social media.

With our communications experience, we have a deep-rooted understanding of how PR works alongside your other channels to successfully support your wider marketing and PR activities.

We have strong relationships with editors, journalists, broadcasters, producers and podcasters around the UK and the world. This has resulted in our not-so-little treasure of a black book.

We liaise closely with this contact database to provide insightful content for various types of media, covering every industry you can imagine.

The services we offer

Public relations

To act as a press office and communications agency for you and your brand

Creating press releases

To share & promote news stories using thought-leadership style pieces and case studies

Writing corporate blogs

These are published on your company website to gain organic traffic that you want and give your existing customers more insight into who you are and what you do

Creating captivating website copy

To support your overall SEO and web development strategy

Product PR

To announce new and exciting innovations of your firm.

Events PR

To spread the word and awareness for a specific event, driving people to register their interest and attend/purchase

Investor PR

To discover the right people in the industry to begin conversations with and generate interest in your business

Influencer marketing

To bolster your PR campaigns and support your creative strategy.

The activities are combined with your wider marketing strategy (i.e with social media and influencer marketing) to further raise brand awareness. When these PR strategies are partnered with the rest of your marketing mix, it can create something truly special – something that cannot be bought. We can work on a retainer basis, or for specific one-off digital PR campaigns.

Is a digital PR agency worth it?

Of course, we’re going to be a bit biased with this and say yes.
We only say that because we know the value of having a digital PR agency. By hiring our London-based digital PR agency, you can focus on another business process that might be more critical, whilst leaving your brand awareness and presence in our hands.

It’s advantageous to consider how much time you’ll be saving by investing in a digital PR team that can help to share news, liaise with the media and secure coverage in the places that matter.

We aim to establish ourselves as an extended part of your team. Getting to know your service or product and what has made your company a success.

Through our passion for collaboration, we became ambassadors for your brand and, with our digital PR repertoire, we can help your brand and campaigns reach new heights.