All that energy and money spent on SEO campaigns will go down the drain. We don’t want that. Oh, and if you are not sure why you should have PR then read more here, then please do check it out. There are plenty of SEO Tips and Tricks: You Need to Know, so go ahead and educate yourself, mama.

1. Do not forget to set those goals…

Remember those 2020 goals you set yourself? Like joining the gym, cutting back on your UberEats spending… Let’s be real, you probably didn’t stick to them, did you? Don’t worry, it is all good! January and February were just a trial run for 2020 – March is when things are getting serious. The first of our key tips is to set clear goals towards your digital PR strategy and power through. If you feel like you cannot reach your goal, you don’t necessarily have to change the goal. You merely need to adjust the action steps. Think to yourself: what is my main objective? Networking with journalists, influencer marketing, SEOs? If you are focusing on SEOs, check out our previous blog on everything you need to know on SEO Tips and Tricks and sign up to our SEO Course. Regardless of the goal, you should map out your strategy so you are working towards achieving its end.

2. Build a relationship, not just a casual link

Our next, and perhaps most important key tip for a successful digital PR strategy, is building strong relationships. Admittedly, this is easier said than done. We are always told by SEO experts how important it is to build relationships, but we are not always told how. These are not the kinds of relationships that Jeremy Kyle or Dr. Phil can help you with. But fear not – you’re in luck, you’ve got us! First of all, no one likes a slow texter, so don’t bring this ‘play hard to get’ mentality to work. Keep that for your personal life. Be a fast responder, so people want to work with you. Most importantly, they think of you when they have last-minute requests for projects that could end up benefiting campaigns of your own. 

By the same token, don’t become one of those ‘clingy’ types, shamelessly sending that 8th message in a row without a response. When it comes to follow-ups, give some breathing space so your messages do not turn into spamming. A second tip to keep in mind is to be honest and open; this one applies to many types of relationships. Without communication, there is no relationship. You and your client both have targets to reach so keep each other in the loop. The third tip is research; a bit of harmless stalking may ring some bells for many of you. It’s a good idea to know what journalists want to write about and tailor your messages accordingly. If you follow these extra mini tips and build a strong relationship, you will without a doubt be on the way toward a successful digital PR strategy. 

3. Create Content!

Last, but by no means least,  our final digital PR strategy tip is to create interesting original content.  How many times do you see a sponsored ad on your Instagram? A lot, right? Consumers have a choice to engage with this content or not. So, it is important to be clever and customise your creative content. The last thing you want is to be a little fish in a big pond. The best way to ensure a successful digital PR strategy is boosting visual data, which can range from gifs to videos. Keep in mind that by 2022, 82% of all online content will be video content so start creating!

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  • Liam is our resident PR whizz - helping our clients and Monumental to grow their media presence. Before starting his public relations journey, Liam graduated with a degree in Journalism from Roehampton University, with the knowledge of how the media operates. Flipping his journalist skills to work well within PR, he has been working in the industry for close to five years. He operates from the comfort of Warwick, the very same place that J.R.R Tolkien got engaged, and is a huge geek at heart. With a love for all things Marvel and Star Wars, we often find him freaking out about the latest blockbuster or TV show when he’s not working his PR magic. You can get in touch with him here: