Social media marketing can be the driving force behind a successful marketing campaign. When done correctly, social media marketing can improve brand reputation, boost brand awareness, and send sales skyrocketing. Over the course of 2020, we have seen some fabulous social media campaigns, all of which have been very successful, and as a  social media marketing agency , we can help you out with your social media marketing campaigns in 2021.

With the new year on our doorsteps, we have put together our top 3 social media campaigns of this year in hopes to inspire you for 2021.

#1 – Starbucks’ #WhatsYourName

In February, the coffee chain giant Starbucks partnered with Mermaids, an organisation set up to support transgender and gender-diverse youth to launch their #WhatsYourName campaign

The campaign used the well-known Starbucks experience of having your name written down on a cup to build on the values of inclusivity and acceptance. By respecting what people would like to be called, Starbucks hoped to highlight their stance on respecting one another, and it worked! They invited their customers to share pictures posing with their mermaid tail cookie. which raised money for Mermaids, using the hashtag #WhatsYourName on social media. Within no time social media was flooded with customers sharing their appreciation for the brand while also raising awareness for Mermaids. 

Starbucks was successful in this campaign by focusing on a clear message delivered by a simple hashtag phrase and leading with its values to make a real and emotional impact. The campaign did attract the attention of critics but the fact Starbucks was standing up for a cause, they also won a lot of support. People look to big companies like Starbucks to lead on key issues of the moment. It is for this reason sharing campaign messages of inclusivity with the hashtag #WhatsYourName helped Starbucks build more trust with their customers. 

#2 – Spotify Wrapped

Possibly the most anticipated moment at the end of the year, with the exception of Christmas of course, is Spotify’s “Wrapped” summary. The personalised annual wrap-up of users listening trends, top songs, genres, and favourite artists has become a trending topic across all social media platforms under the hashtag #SpotifyWrapped since its debut in 2017.

Spotify presents each listener with their data in a series of snapshots displayed in a ‘story’ which can be easily posted on social media platforms. Two things users love is sharable content and personalised data, which is why the hashtag #SpotifyWrapped dominates social platforms each year. Spotify has created a reusable winning ad campaign that lets its users drive its success.

The success of Spotify’s campaign every year is a testament to the success of reusing previous successful campaigns, but it is most important to keep them interesting – Spotify does this by adding new data each year. Linking a campaign to an annual event or time of year can also build anticipation, helping it to grow bigger and bigger every year.

#3 – Tesco: Skin Tone Plasters

One of the most popular campaigns of 2020 was Tesco’s launch of the first-ever set of plasters to accommodate for multiple skin tones. Taking off in February, Tesco’s step towards inclusivity and understanding of racial diversity became the talk of social media. 

As one of the UK’s largest retailers, their campaign has been another great example of big brands taking the lead on key issues and making the changes people want to see. Their social media campaign was met with outstanding praise and celebration in a step towards greater inclusivity. A successful social media campaign resonates with social media users and this is why Tesco has made it on the list as one of the top campaigns of 2020. 

Social media marketing is a powerful tool for brands and businesses to raise awareness, communicate a message to the public, and build trust with their customers. Social media marketing helps corporations connect with customers and engage with them in real-time. It creates a platform to let your content be seen by people interested in you and what you offer as well as to attract people’s attention.

2021 is an opportunity for brands to take a fresh approach to their social media campaigns. We have seen how staying true to your brand, focused on a key message while also being relevant to the time and unique makes a truly successful campaign. Offering something that users find unique, interesting, and more importantly: engaging is why the social media campaigns listed above can inspire future campaigns, as these aspects are bound to continue being the key focus for all successful social media campaigns to come in 2021. 

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