Oneiro Solutions revolutionises the notoriously lengthy syndicated loans process, by consolidating each party in one simple, easy-to-use platform.

The challenge01

We were engaged by Oneiro Solutions to boost their presence and awareness during the initial stages of the platform. The goal was to increase their digital presence by working with key press to attract customers, educate the audience and boost presence in the lead-up to a funding round.

The strategy02

In our “human-first” approach, we highlighted the founder, drawing on his experience and back story to introduce the product to the market. 

This helped to engage an audience, sharing details regarding simplifying the notoriously lengthy syndicated loans process, and introducing the innovative platform. 

This, combined with sharing news of a successful round of funding, helped to create a sense of urgency and demand for Oneiro Solutions. Legacy tech systems in syndicated loans have always been outdated – this was the new way for the process to be completed.

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