Aster DM Healthcare is one of the leading healthcare providers in the GCC and India.

The challenge01

Aster Guardians wanted to increase brand awareness, highlight the inspiring people shortlisted for the award and boost visibility of their Global Nursing Awards event 2023.

In a creative concept designed by Monumental called “More Than Just”, Aster Guardians were able to humanise the event and award to celebrate those involved.

The strategy02

Through influencer collaborations, we have engaged with key opinion leaders and influencers from the medical community to raise further awareness and credibility to the prestigious Global Nursing Awards event. We were able to amplify the voices of our finalists and nominated heroes by leveraging and tapping into the following of influencers across TikTok. We were utilised to spread positive brand sentiment to shatter and tackle nursing stereotypes, as well as about the event, to relevant audiences in an authentic way.

We have used social media, specifically TikTok, to raise brand awareness, showcase the inspiring finalists, and enhance event visibility – Through TikTok we have cultivated an online community, which played a significant role in community building in the lead-up to the event. By encouraging and featuring user-generated content, we have fostered a collaborative and inclusive environment where users feel valued and motivated to contribute to the cause.

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