H Drop manufactures CBD oil and capsules from organic hemp in a safe and legal way.

The challenge01

H Drop wanted to test if their products garnered traction in new online audience niches and introduce the product to the UK market.

The main challenge here was that H Drop was not able to do this through more conventional forms of advertising on Instagram or other social platforms due to the nature of the product. 

H Drop engaged with Monumental to overcome this barrier and find creative and unconventional ways to get their product in front of users’ screens.

The strategy02

We worked with H Drop in creating a series of assets through influencer-generated content to market their CBD oil well beyond the upper limits of Instagram’s audience.  

To ensure that this strategy was successful, we used relevant images and videos featuring different aspects of each product, such as the versatility of a product that can be used for wellness, cooking, or facilitating sleep. We also incentivised interactions with content by developing unique codes for influencers.

We chose to engage with a large collection of nano and micro-influencers to get the word out about their products to leverage the power of their targeted communities.

Working with small influencers in the fitness, wellness, and food industries was a fantastic method to reach the correct individuals in a more natural and authentic way to target a niche online community and audience.

By working with more targeted influencer categories, we were able to get H Drop’s products in front of a more focused audience who were more inclined to buy their products – this resulted in a jump in website traffic and sales!

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