So you want to know how digital PR can improve your brand’s presence?? Congratulations, you have come to the right place! 

Digital PR is a toolset that all businesses can adopt to expand their presence online. For businesses in the 21st century, it’s vital that they focus on digital PR as a means of reaching new target audiences that have high online engagement, such as younger people who are increasing their purchasing power. 

As a digital marketing agency in London, we know how digital PR uses several different tools to engage and capture an audience.

#1: Brand Presence & Credibility

Digital PR is an extremely useful way to expand your presence online as it effectively creates a brand identity. It is often seen by consumers as being more authentic, as it is not coming directly from the brand but in most insistence it’s through a media source’s interpretation. With younger generations increasingly valuing authenticity, it is an increasingly important tool to capture these target groups. An authentic brand image helps build consumer trust and interest in your brand, furthering your brand’s presence online. 

#2 Driving Traffic

Digital PR also helps drive more traffic through a brand’s website. By increasing the concentration of reviews, references and backlinks online, this will optimise search results to favour your business, increasing traffic and trust in your brand. The more high quality information you provide to an online audience the more search engines like google will favour your product to consumers. This allows businesses to effectively flourish within their niche and find their target audiences with more efficiency.

#3 Increase Sales

Increasing your online presence through digital PR will also inevitably increase sales for your brand. By increasing the number of people in your target audience  presented with your material online, this will generate more interest in your product/ service leading to increased sales for your brand. 

These are just a few ways digital PR can improve your brand’s presence. PR has the ability to create an abundance of opportunities for your brand. If you would like to know about how it can, get in touch or read our blog about the Key Tips for a Successful PR Strategy!


  • Alicia, the digital marketing dynamo herself, is our digital marketing Manager at Monumental. We are yet to find something our Indonesian-Belgian princess can't do. Prior to discovering Monumental, Alicia finished an honours degree in Sociology at the University of Kent and began building her marketing network in the Middle East. Having graced us with her stunning social channel aesthetics and unrivalled powers of Influencer marketing and SEO for several years now, it's no wonder she's giving us that side-eye.