Social Media Agency

Social Media Agency

Social Media Agency in London? Monumental Marketing!

We at Monumental wield social media as a tool to generate online attention around brands – an invaluable asset to all businesses in this day and age. Our team works hard to give brands a voice, style and a clear purpose. We are experts in ensuring that your business’ social media reaches its full potential, so as to optimise the return of your return of investment in this field.

Many of our social media agency clients come to us to better reach millenials. This is because, while all generations engage with social media, millennials specifically will actively search for products on social platforms. This is a golden opportunity for brands to acquire new customers. Hence, Monumental specialises in crafting a tone of voice and aesthetic for your brand to ensure you engage with target market. Alongside this, we produce bespoke social content and campaigns to achieve the best results, whilst working with influencers to broaden the reach of such content.

There are over 50 million business social media pages; it’s crucial to make yours count. It would be our pleasure to help you achieve this, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re looking for a social media agency in London!

We are a London-based social media agency helping brands reach new highs with our expert team.

This is the social media we can help you with:

Social Media Agency London

Here at Monumental Social Media we use our digital skills and couple them with our creativity to create jaw dropping social media content and powerful acquisition driven strategies.

Our team, combined, has tens of years experience with all social media channels. Growing the following, engagement and most importantly the returns from these channels is what we specialise in.

Social media at Monumental can be done in a variety of languages, get in touch to find out if we speak yours!

Influencer Management

They influence buying decisions, we take a highly analytical approach to track success.

Social Strategy

Identifying your space, audience, tone of voice and strategy to success.

Content Creation

Creating jaw dropping visuals to better appeal to your target audience and drive engagement.

Social Advertising

A targeted, ROI & data-driven process to reach more of your target audience quicker.

Social Management

Day to day management of accounts inclusive of engagement and community management.

Social Campaigns

Running campaign on a short timescale or product-focused towards specific KPIs.

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