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It is not easy to market a vape. At Monumental, we create effective digital marketing strategies to amplify for your vape brand.  We have mastered organic acquisition of customers over the last 5 years supporting 80+ brands succesfully engage and convert users into loyal customers. This is what we do at Monumental.


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Our vape marketing experience

At Monumental, a vape marketing agency, we have become leaders in helping international vape brands to successfully reach and engage target audiences. We do this through our core channels such as influencer marketing, SEO, PR, social media, and creatively developing authentic narratives that will appeal to your desired audience.

  • We have established our knowledge over years of experience to get the best ROI for both your vape brand and your intended target audience.
  • We have a database of over 9,000 influencers that will help reach both your commercial and digital goals.
  • From scouting and researching influencers who best match your brand to implementing creative PR, strategic SEO plans and building a devoted and active online community in order to generate true community involvement. Our team of vape marketing specialists does it all.



Our vape marketing services

+ Award-Winning LGBTE Accredited Business

Influencer marketing

Our influencer network of smokers and vapers reaches millions of highly engaged customers. Influencer marketing focused on performance may assist you in fast and genuinely growing your business.

We can design influencer marketing campaigns for real-world business results like website clicks and purchases by establishing true proactive brand momentum and increasing interaction with innovative branded content. From scouting influencers to briefing them about your campaign, we manage your vape brand's influencer marketing from A to Z.

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Social media



Results for our vape marketing campaigns

As a vape marketing agency, we’ve conceptualised, created, and implemented innovative marketing campaigns through various channels, including Instagram and TikTok, to gain authentic attention and engagement from existing vapers and smokers.

These personalised tactics using a 360 digital marketing approach have resulted in businesses developing a strong bond with their audiences, allowing us to directly reach millions of people, create thousands of clicks to relevant landing pages, and build a community of devoted advocates across platforms and, of course, increase sales.

Over the years, we have worked with international vape brands such as, RELX, on various global campaigns to recruit a large number of influencers that are current/existing smokers or vapers, ranging from micro to macro influencers in sorts of different niches, from national celebrities to fashion influencers. RELX was able to gain trust from its audiences through the engagement of trustworthy influencers, who provided high-quality content on social channels that added to the credibility of their products, and for this content to be repurposed to maximise ROI and to build data and insights into consumer interactions.

RELX received a successful campaign that featured brand recognition, PR cameos, website traffic, amazing content, and sales.

We’ve been able to deliver a customised solution for a variety of demands by working directly with our vape clients, from increasing brand recognition within regional markets and communities to brand repositioning and, most crucially, increasing sales!

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How we work as a vape marketing agency

Learning about your brand01

First and foremost, we would want to organise a meeting with you to go through the intricacies of your brand, including the whats, whys, hows, whos, and, most importantly, the key messages and values of your brand. We’d want to know everything.

We genuinely want to know who you are and what makes you tick. This interactive session enables us to develop a plan that is targeted to address both your digital and commercial objectives.



Designing a strategy02

We establish a particular strategy that aligns with the wider company objectives before narrowing it down to any digital objectives and ambitions.

As a Vape marketing agency, our major aim is to create and extend your brand by developing customised digital strategies that constantly redefine your customers’ success and, of course, to target adult audiences.


Content creation03

Our team of digital marketing professionals focuses on transforming the complexity of the challenge that is marketing a vape product in an arena of social platforms with many barriers and restrictions into an opportunity for company growth and engaging the intended audiences.

Whether it’s creating blogs to push your SEO ranking on Google to creatively designing visual content for socials, we do it all!




From article views to purchases and everything in between, everything we do is completely trackable and quantifiable.

The aim will have a significant influence on the sort of campaign we develop. If acquisition is the aim, we may suggest many more nano influencers with larger networks, along with a strategic SEO plan to drive website visitors and likelihood of purchases through discoverability on Google.

If the campaign is intended to promote brand lift, we may propose a larger talent pool and some PR with more qualitative data and a substantially higher reach.


Why Monumental?

Over the last five years, we have worked with global vape brands on international campaigns. Therefore, we have a wide network of highly relevant influencers across every category with tens of clients around the world specifically for vaping brands.

This has enabled us to create a unique suite of technology working in unison to accurately report on the success of influencer engagements, as well as allowing us to develop a never-ending book of influencer contacts who we know have performed the best of vaping campaigns.

We genuinely understand the issues to consider when designing customised digital tactics and implementing a multi-channel approach for vaping brands because of our unique and diverse internal experiences, along with our digital experience in the vaping industry. As a result, traditional marketing approaches will not effectively reach your desired audiences.

So you can rely on us to ensure that your vape brand is correctly communicated to these specific audiences through our ecosystem of channels.


Are you ready for some vape marketing?

Reach out for a no-obligation chat with one of our digital gurus. All we need is 20 minutes of your time to understand your business and your goals, from this we’ll be able to send you a 6-month plan the very next day.

Yes, it really is that straightforward at Monumental.


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