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Whilst the fintech industry continues to grow at an exponential rate, it’s become increasingly more difficult to cut through the noise. And, with that, it means it’s more important than ever to have a strong brand presence and visibility within that space. One of the best ways of raising brand awareness and showcasing expertise in the field is with PR. Whether it’s getting into the industry trade press, or hitting the more national titles with hard-hitting news, it’s a key way to spread the message far and wide and reach the right audience for your product.

Our fintech PR agency experience

As a fintech PR agency, over the past 5 years, we have worked with over 40 companies in the fintech space, and have honed our skills to get the best results.

  • We have built an extensive black book of contacts within the industry, who are our go-to with any news, stories, or announcements and they appreciate us for that. What’s more, there are instances where they approach us for a story they may be writing, asking for comments or insights from our clients – this is when PR works best.
  • We have worked with clients that span across the fintech world, including payments, insurance, education, lending, open banking, NFTs, and many more. We have extensive knowledge of what makes the industry tick and can articulate that to a very high standard.

Our fintech PR agency services

+ We are an award winning fintech PR Agency

PR strategy

PR for fintech strategy includes a vast range of activities that depend on the desired outcome. Luckily, with our expertise, we can create a unique plan to ensure that these goals are met.

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Content writing

Media training

PR for fund raising

Results of our fintech PR

During those five years, we have achieved many milestone results for our clients. Although they all have differing ideas of a gold standard media placement (this is dependent on their PR objectives), we have successfully been able to execute plans and achieve those goals.

A selection of the media that we work with for fintech on a daily basis includes The Fintech Times, Fintech & Finance News, Finextra, Fintech Global, IBS Intelligence, The Fintech Magazine and many more.

On a more general scale, across other forms of business media, we also work with and have successfully placed our clients in Forbes, Medium, TechCrunch, CityAM, and many more.

We should add that, whilst PR is never guaranteed, we will do our utmost best to ensure we get a minumum level of coverage every month for our clients, obviously this is dependent on their goals. We are flexible in our approach and can change tact at the last minute, coming up with new and fresh directions to inject enthusiasm into an idea. At Monumental, we set our very expectations and KPIs that will constantly be communicated throughout our relationship, so we can all keep on track and continue striving towards the goal.


How we work with PR for Fintechs


We start by devising a specific strategy that aligns with the overall business objectives, before narrowing it down to any PR objectives and goals. We collaborate with the company to create a unique and specialised approach, which helps to achieve these targets.

These goals might be to boost overall brand awareness, or spotlight a certain individual in the business – whatever it might be, we can help make it a reality.

Content Creation02

Our PR for fintech content creation focuses around turning the complexity of a challenge and turning it into an opportunity for business growth and starting a conversation. Fintech can be confusing, so we use tactics to ensure this message is conveyed in the simplest way possible.

Media monitoring03

We constantly keep our ears to the ground to ensure you can get involved with the latest trends, topics and conversations happening within your space. The fintech space is constantly evolving and we like to keep up to date with the goings on so your brand can get involved. With this information, we can tailor any PR content to make eye-catching headlines.

Media relations04

We don’t just wait for the news, we proactively create it. We secure long-lasting relations with the most appropriate media outlets by pitching your expert offerings, generating coverage that is valuable to your business objectives. Through this media coverage, we make sure your brand awareness is elevated and continues to grow.

Evaluation and reporting05

This part is just as important as the other elements. We provide monthly summaries that evaluate the coverage and any outstanding leads from the media. We also highlight what is in the pipeline and identify any areas to pursue in the future.


Why Monumental?

We’re not like other fintech PR agencies. We ‘re extremely results-focused, but we don’t just get results for the sake of it. We get meaningful and valuable coverage that actually have an impact on your business objectives.

We’re diversity-driven, meaning we love working with people who might be considered a minority. It’s become a strong part of Monumental during the last few years and it’s ingrained in our culture. So, if you think you’re struggling to get your story heard, then we’re here to help. In a saturated industry like fintech, it can be difficult to push through the noise – but it’s our bread and butter.

We enjoy creating innovative fintech PR campaigns to suit your needs, we are confident in our ability to surpass your goals – which is why we can provide flexible contract terms.

Is your fintech ready for press?

Reach out for a no obligation chat with one of our PR gurus. All we need is 20 minutes of your time to understand your business and your goals, from this we’ll be able to send you a 6 month plan the very next day.

Yes, it really is that straight forward at Monumental.

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