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About Us

What is Monumental Marketing?
Monumental Marketing

Jamie Love, CEO & Founder of Monumental Marketing, saw a gap in the Digital marketing and PR sphere. As more people are looking down at their phones instead of looking up at billboards, the demand for a digital transformation was inevitable. Queue Monumental Marketing. Monumental’s objectives is to ensure that Digital marketing & PR is accessible to all types of businesses, regardless of their sizes or budgets. Whilst aiming to combine digital marketing with more traditional forms of marketing; mixing paid and unpaid channels. The result? Results.

Having previously worked for successful businesses in the UK, Love recognised the importance of a multichannel approach within digital marketing. As the Monumental team continues to rapidly grow; so does it’s client list. With a team of 12 working alongside renowned businesses, Monumental will continue to grow and advance apace with their clients.

the only parts of my life that remain the same are my passion, commitment and dedication for who I am and what I do

Jamie Love


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Monumental is constantly growing so we are always on the lookout for talented, driven and passionate people to be part of the team.
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