In this day and age, the internet is the first port of call for people looking to find products and services. So, needless to say, your business’ website must be optimised to integrate with search engines to ensure it’s not lost in a sea of competitors. This is where SEO comes into play. We know SEO can seem like a complicated process, but in fact, it’s not as intimidating as it first appears. There are a wide variety of tips and tricks to ensure that your website maintains a good search engine ranking. So, don’t panic, we’re here to help. Below are the top 3 SEO Basics tips to ensure you’re in the know when optimising your website.

1. It’s all about keywords 

Website-building software will be equipped with all the things you need to ensure your website’s success – all you need is to know how to use them. Hence the first of our SEO basics must undoubtedly be proficiency with keywords. Keywords are a crucial part of how search engines organise content, meaning that their inclusion in titles, title tags, meta-titles and slugs is paramount. Websites such as WordPress have a variety of plug-ins, such as Yoast, that make your life easier by reminding you to do this.

Don’t be too repetitive though – nobody likes spam. Ensure that your website’s content is peppered with relevant keywords, without sacrificing the quality of the writing.

2. Backlinks are your best friends

The next of our SEO basics you must know is the importance of backlinks. Backlinks are basically external links to your website; the more you have, the more viable your website appears. But, always remember quality over quantity when it comes to backlinks. Authority on the web is key when it comes to SEO, and backlinks indicate to systems such as Google that your site has this authority. 

Backlinks are important as they help search bots determine your sites’ ranking when they crawl your site. Your ranking is still determined ultimately by the quality of content on your site though, and obviously other sites will only include links to your site if they like your content. So, you should see the pursuit of backlinks as an encouragement to make your site’s content super polished. They have to be earned!

3. Make sure you’re mobile-friendly

Our final tip may seem, well, super basic, but it is undoubtedly crucial. Your website must be optimised for mobile devices as well as computers to ensure it is fully accessible to users. As of 2019, the percentage of internet web traffic attributed to mobile devices has surpassed 50%. So it’s no wonder that this has made it onto our list of SEO basics.

It’s not difficult either – creating a website that has a ‘responsive web design’ merely renders the site differently for a mobile screen while using the same URL. Search engines such as Google are helpful in providing guidelines on how best to achieve this. It’s a simple facet of SEO that makes a big difference, so make sure you take heed!

Overall, the above are SEO basics that are often overlooked by many. But to rank highly on search engines, you must make sure that you implement these basics before you jump to more advanced SEO, like topic clusters or video SEO, but we’ll talk about that later. For now, remember to stick to these 3 SEO basics.

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  • Alicia, the digital marketing dynamo herself, is our digital marketing Manager at Monumental. We are yet to find something our Indonesian-Belgian princess can't do. Prior to discovering Monumental, Alicia finished an honours degree in Sociology at the University of Kent and began building her marketing network in the Middle East. Having graced us with her stunning social channel aesthetics and unrivalled powers of Influencer marketing and SEO for several years now, it's no wonder she's giving us that side-eye.