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Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC) is a way for brands to amplify their brand – And what better way to drive sales and traffic more quickly and more effectively than with the power of PPC? Our PPC services drive sales and traffic whilst constantly optimising your return on investment. This is a fast and effective way to increase traffic to a business’ website. Business’ usually take a hand at PPC themselves but often drain their budget without gaining any real results. Cue Monumental Marketing, a PPC Agency in London.


How do we do PPC?

We combine data, tech and creativity to build bespoke campaigns for our clients irrelevant of size, location or budgets. The strategy team will create a unique approach for your business focused on achieving your PPC goals according to your ad budget.

Our PPC agency can take care of PPC through our data-driven approach. PPC campaigns require testing and extensive knowledge, which is why engaging with a PPC agency, like us, can drive higher ROI.

As a PPC agency in london, We use the following platforms to help drive the highest converting traffic to your website: Google AdWords allows your website to show at the top position of Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Google is the most used search engine on the planet making it the perfect place to start your paid search marketing journey.

Bing and Yahoo are both owned by Microsoft meaning ads on these two platforms are managed in the same dashboard. Although the search volumes here are fractional in comparison to Google, they still have a lot of value.

Remarketing is another Monumental favourite. Picture this; you’ve engaged a number of channels to drive traffic to your website, some converted but not all… what now? This is where remarketing comes in handy. Our PPC services are able to use the data from your site to target those who have visited in the past but not converted, or converted and can buy again!

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