All organisations need public relations, regardless of size or industry. Why? Because today’s customers want to trust the brands with which they do business. It requires building and strengthening trust. The survival and success of any organisation or company are dependent on its reputation.

So here are the 6 ways that our PR team helps your company

#1- Increases the visibility of your products or services.

When you advertise, you tell your audience how good your brand is. In PR, a trusted third party, whether a journalist, influencer or customer, praises you; you get publicity for doing something of value or for being a useful source of information on a topic of interest to traditional and digital media channels. If a third party is interested in what you do and your story, this says more about your brand.

One of the most significant benefits of using our PR service is that we enhance your company’s image through trusted third parties. We positively influence the perception, credibility, trust, and connection with your audience and create two-way conversations, creating an emotional connection.

Every organisation has amazing stories to tell, whether it’s about how it got started, how its products or services help solve a specific customer problem, or how it evolves with the latest customer trends.

Using traditional and digital channels, we present companies’ stories to different generations of customers where they see, read and hear; in the way, they prefer to consume information to raise awareness and gain engagement.

#3- Make your brand discoverable

One of the questions that probably haunts you is: how do you become one of the thought leaders in your market? And no doubt, you also know that to do so, you need to gain credibility and draw attention to your organisation’s expertise and knowledge. Monumental’s PR does that for a brand, using content marketing, blogging, speaking engagements, social media engagement and more.

Content marketing and SEO have become must-have digital marketing and PR concepts for engaging critical audiences with authoritative content. We use it to grab attention and get people to act; the latter includes several strategies to improve the organic ranking of such content in search results.

There’s no doubt that when you use our PR service, you receive high-quality content that reaches customers and leads them throughout all stages of the buying funnel. This further builds your brand’s expertise, authority and trust and attracts high-quality traffic.

#3- Build strong relationships

A practical and well-structured PR plan pays dividends. In particular, it allows your company to build meaningful connections with your audiences and build trust and credibility in your industry, leading to increased sales over time.

In addition to telling your business stories and helping you get your message across, our public relations aims to connect with your existing customers to inform and engage them with your brand to make the best use of your products or services. This two-way communication, done on an ongoing basis, will help your organisation build strong, lasting relationships with the people who matter.

People today have easy access to a wide range of businesses and content. Consumers want to trust the brands they do business with, which means public perception is more important than ever. Monumental’s PR builds meaningful relationships, increases brand trust, and builds a reputation to create lasting relationships.

#4- Managing your brand’s online reputation

Crises happen. But we aim to identify them before your customers do. Then we prepare a response to respond quickly so that the potential damage to your brand image is minimised. Preparing spokespeople for interviews, developing key messages relevant to the brand, social listening, media coverage, and responding to negative comments are all public relations activities that we manage.

Nowadays, most crises start on social platforms, so it’s vital to manage your corporate reputation by running your digital PR campaigns to promote content that positively highlights your organisation’s image. Digital PR helps make the right messages more visible to more of the right people in the right place, which creates a stronger brand reputation and creates an iron dome so that potential damage to the brand image is minimised.

#5- Generate demand through earned media.

Earned media is a fundamental part of an optimised public-relations strategy and, therefore a sound marketing and communications strategy.

Why you ask?
Because it helps you attract potential customers, retain the loyalty of existing customers, and increase sales.

Earned media is a form of eWOM or buzz marketing that increases brand awareness and visibility through:

  • Feedback from the general public and existing customers
  • News coverage
  • Multimedia content
  • Social media interactions
  • Recommendations from influencers and journalists
  • Recommendations from prosumers and natural brand ambassadors and other unpaid promotional efforts.

#6- Add value to your own customers.

Last but not least, customers who are willing to use their social media accounts on your behalf through success stories or testimonials are equally valuable. If another neutral third party, especially a customer, talks about your benefits, it generates far more credibility with the public than a spokesperson for your company.

Your markets need evidence that your products and/or services deliver what you promise. The same is true for media channels when determining whether a source is a good reference for their material – an important part of any PR strategy.

No matter how great your solution is, you should always have evidence to interest your audience among the many options on the market. By including your clients in our PR strategies and tactics, you are also putting them at the centre of your PR efforts – it’s a win-win situation!

How do we create a successful integrated communications campaign?

Integrated PR communication is our choosen approach that creates a unified and seamless consumer experience with the brand at the end of the day. This strategy combines owned, earned, shared and paid media through tactics, techniques, channels, media and events that work as a unified force. Each type of media in a comprehensive communications plan has different objectives. It is important to define the goals of each, cultivate a balance, measure them, and ensure that they are cost-effective.

This approach is important because, in a world where digital presence puts the power in customers’ hands, your brand must be present at every point in your customers’ buying cycle. Today, there is no single platform or channel to learn more about a brand.

Now the big question is: what PR metrics do we use to demonstrate value?

There is no single, universally accepted method of measuring earned media value. There are several sources offering different metrics, so we recommend 4 key performance metrics that should be linked to the campaign objective to demonstrate the impact that our optimised PR has on the success of your business:

  • How much your brand awareness has been strengthened?
  • Is there a consistent strategy for the future?
  • Are PR tactics constantly being improved?
  • Are mistakes being detected and correct?.

In today’s communications environment, how brands are heard, seen and discovered in a crowded marketplace continues to evolve. Using our optimised PR wisely will help your organisation be heard, seen and discovered, build a good reputation for your brand and your audience to behave positively.