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We are a digital PR agency and we take a slightly different approach to PR, most agencies will go out to anyone and everyone to get coverage. We specialise in acquisition meaning all our efforts are targeted and meaningful with the scope to maximise your return on investment. We use a multi channel approach to PR and take a digital first perspective to optimise reach and most importantly track success.

Our client base has been featured in press and media globally. We have had the pleasure of working with clients within food, lifestyle, entertainment, fashion and tech for a number of years as well as welcoming a number of charities to Monumental.

Here are some of the publications our clients have been featured in
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This is the PR we can help you with:

PR Agency London

At Monumental PR Agency in London our expertise and experience is used to create unique, successful and inspiring campaigns and ongoing PR support for our varied client base. We use our skills to gain exposure for our clients in traditional, digital, social media and influencer PR.

Our growth marketing experience allows us to have a unique understanding of how PR work with other channels to successfully support your wider marketing and PR efforts beyond those of traditional PR agencies.

Traditional PR

This is PR in its original form, traditional PR is press (magazines and newspapers) and media.

Digital PR

This is the modern PR focusing in online articles and features with targeted press.


Help give a different perspective on your business as well as the added SEO benefits.


They influence buying decisions, we take a highly analytical approach to track success.

Brand Collaborations

Working with brands with similar values to tap into their following and customers.


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