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Digital Marketing

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Monumental’s Digital Marketing, as our ethos states, is fully-encompassing and multi-faceted. We build websites, drive traffic, optimise your search ranking and boost your online success.

The way in which we build websites is unique. We have various industry experts that will consult on the design and build ensuring that a site doesn’t just ‘look good’ but will be built with usability, SEO and function in mind to create a consistent brand experience online.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of our most popular services, we help all types of clients rank higher, quicker and reach their target market. Monumental is all about growth, we focus our efforts on keywords and search terms that will drive the highest return for your business.

Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC) is also extremely popular to drive quick traffic and quick sales, we run national and local campaigns for our clients with great success. We drive sales and traffic whilst constantly optimising your investment, ultimately generating more for the same amount.

SEO Agency

Great SEO comes from on-site content, off-site activity as well as the technical set up of your webpage. We are unique in our offering as our team is made up of developers, content writers, digital PR specialists and digital marketeers ensuring that over 300 factors that affect your rankings are taken into consideration.

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The team at Monumental have been revolutionary for myself and my brand. They have provided 24 hour support and have revolutionised how we operate delivering better results and more importantly higher profits.

Ross Barr
CEO / Ross Barr

PPC Agency

Pay-Per-Click advertising is a great way to attract new business, we approach PPC in a data and goal-driven fashion. We let the data tell us how to improve our performance marketing efforts, it isn’t rocket science we simply let the customer behaviour shape ours. We believe in create, test and innovate. 

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Websites Agency

Websites are the foundations of what we at Monumental Marketing do. They act as the home of the customer experience for most businesses so ensuring your website projects an accurate representation of your brand is key to the success of all marketing. 


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