Atlas Labs is a tech startup that enables charities to fundraise through the development and sale of NFTs.

The challenge01

Atlas Labs engaged with Monumental to bring this one-of-a-kind event to life. The Spix’s macaws were declared extinct in 2018 but were being introduced back into the wild following a 20 year breeding programme – in a project called Unextinct. An exclusive range of NFTs were being launched in conjunction with the release, and we were brought in to support the sale of all NFTs that would aid the continuous conservation work.

An added challenge was executing the entire campaign in 10 days.

The strategy02

The growth strategy we designed focused on PR, Social Media and Social Media Advertising.

The PR plan had us create a number of tailored releases that would engage audiences across consumer, science and NFT publications. This allowed the project’s relevance to be elevated to different audiences. We created multiple press blasts – a week before the launch, the day before the launch and on launch day. This gave us the opportunity to see the coverage come through at different times and generate hype towards the event.

Through our journalists, we were able to secure digital coverage, on NFT Plazas, NFT Now and Coin Rivet, as well as interviews with the likes of Forbes.

Our social expertise and growth mindset allowed us to develop a second-to-none social strategy that made an immediate impact across channels. On TikTok we combined existing footage and hacked platform trends to gain immediate channel growth, on Instagram we conceptualised a visually aesthetic grid that engaged with the conservation and NFT community that, despite continuous growth, maintained a 13% engagement rate. Finally, to engage with the crypto natives we launched a Twitter campaign that emphasised on the project’s key points – the growth here was achieved through ongoing engagement with targeted accounts as well as leveraging engagement tactics to grow the account to over 1,500 followers in 10 days.

One of our TikTok videos went viral, amassing over 1.5million views in just 2 days. After a week, this had leapt to over 2.5… and still counting!

On the advertising front we deployed multi-layered campaigns to quickly test, engage and acquire audiences across niche communities on TikTok, Facebook and Instagram. This resulted in thousands of users driven to the project’s landing page which was backed up by PR coverage to add trust and credibility.

The PR and social media campaign was a success for the NFT drop, resulting in selling over $100k worth of digital art in 48 hours.

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After being turned away by multiple condescending agencies who told us our timeline was too short, our project was too ambitious etc., Monumental recognised our vision and came on board late notice with a highly-driven, optimistic, ambitious and can-do attitude, and with extremely generous rates given the impact nature of our project.

In three weeks, they helped us launch an ambitious NFT-for-good campaign that saw us raise over $100K for a unique conservation project, reach a social media audience in the millions (over 2 million on one TikTok video alone), and land over 20 articles in major media outlets and publications including Forbes. 

Jamie and his team were incredibly flexible, and focused on success, and weathered some of our more unreasonable demands and last-minute changes to plans around the clock with enthusiasm and dedication. 

Our project was highly bespoke and in a niche market, and Monumental got to grips with our vision extremely quickly, learning on the job and driving progress with a highly agile and analytical approach. Highly recommended, these guys were exactly what we needed, and we will absolutely return to Monumental as our first choice of growth marketing partner in the future.

James Cochrane-Dyet

Chief Growth Officer


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