What is the instagram algorithm?

What is the Instagram Algorithm?

If you’ve been on Instagram for a while, you’ve probably wondered HOW IN THE WORLD they rank their photos. Well, we’ve searched high and low to crack the code.

Back in the day, it was all about the chronological order, oh how those were the days… Then it was all about priority, Instagram showing you what they thought you would want to see the most. Turns out though, we were missing 70% of all posts, you would probably say you weren’t seeing very much at all.

But now, rumour has it you see 90% of friends’ posts, which in turn works better for Instagram because you spend longer on there. But let’s be real, was the algorithm really stopping us spending time on the app? That’s an InstaNO from us.

Let’s get to the point though… What can you do to make sure your posts are being seen?

1. Content

Well first, make your content as engaging as possible! It’s all based on engagement, so if you make your content interesting enough for people to like, comment and check out your page, you’re more likely to get to the top of their feeds.

2. Timing

Although engagement is important, timing is still very much a thing, find peak posting times and make sure you post then. We like 10pm…

3. Features

Stories are also very important, Instagram is a little bias when it comes to showing posts, so the more you use their features the more likely they will throw your post on peoples’ feeds. So up your story game, post that IGTV video you’ve been wanting to post and CRACK THE INSTA ALGORITHM!

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