What does International Women's Day mean to you?

March 8th marks the annual International Women’s day! While celebrating, championing, and supporting women’s rights and achievements is a year-round responsibility, International Women’s day serves an important purpose. But what does International Women’s Day mean to you?

International Women’s Day gives us all a chance to set aside our busy lives and focus on the fundamental necessity of equality. It invites people from all walks of life, ages, and genders, to engage in a conversation and talk about global gender inequality. We can recognise how far as a society we have come and talk confidently about how far is left to go. It is only by openly talking about the issue of inequality that can we identify the steps which still need to be taken in order to achieve gender equality and a fair world for everyone.

This is why International Women’s day is important to us. As a digital marketing agency in London, we believe gender equality is not just a women’s issue but actually a social and economical necessity. It will take all of us coming together to make a difference and it is so important that men are included too. After all, men make up the other half of the population and still hold a significant majority in leadership, with roughly 79% of all C-suite positions

It is strange to think that only a couple of years ago, a study found that 29% of men actively avoided one-on-one interaction with women in office and 21% of men said they were reluctant to hire a woman if the job required close interaction. This was an increase from 15% in the previous year! 

Another survey run by LeanIn.com, found that 60% of male managers admitted they were uncomfortable with doing common workplace activities with their female colleagues which was an increase of 32% jump from their previous year’s findings. 

However, things are improving! A larger majority of men support gender equality but only lack the means to turn support into action. This gives days like International Women’s day its purpose. Once again, it is that all-important open conversation that improves men’s understanding of women’s issues and drives change by giving men an avenue to act on their support. 


What does International Women’s day mean to The Monumentals?

At Monumental, we champion women’s success. In fact, women make up 75% of our whole team! We asked members of the team what International Women’s Day means to them:

Rachel, our Head of Growth Marketing said:
“Women’s Day is a day of celebrating the successes of every woman in every aspect of their life regardless of job title or social status, it truly empowers women who have/ are on their way to achieving success!”


Alicia, our Digital Marketing Manager said:
“International Women’s Day, to me, is a chance to reflect, appreciate and improve the rights of women and girls, globally as women have shaped our experience at all levels of society and across many countries. There are inspiring women who are breaking down barriers and changing the landscape for girls and women, so this should be celebrated!”


Laura, our Senior Digital Marketing Executive said:
“For me, Women’s day stands for every beautiful strong woman across this earth. Realising what power we have and that we can achieve so many wonderful things.”


Elektra, our Digital Marketing Executive said:
“Women’s day is a day where we can celebrate all of the amazing progress we have made as well as think about how much more we have to fight for!”


Sophia, our Executive Assistant at Monumental, said:
“It reminds me of what I stand for. I try to live my life without limits but throughout my career, I faced so many challenges due to being a woman ranging from being hired because of my looks and not my work ethic or being held back from a promotion due to being branded “too emotional”. This day reminds me that we are fighting for something and that progress is being made, even if it’s small.”


Jamie, our CEO said:
“Monumental was built on diversity and inclusion, women make up 75% of our team across all levels of the organisation… that’s what diversity looks like!”

Kyle, our Public Relations Executive said:
“Women’s day is a chance for us to pay recognition to how far women’s rights have come, understand what more needs to be done and celebrate womens’ success!”

We want to know what International Women’s day means to you so please feel free to share your thoughts by dropping us a dm on Instagram! If you want to read more, check out our blog about How To Build Brand Trust With The LGBTQ+ Community

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