Top 3 Social Media Campaigns of June 2018

So we did our top 5 IGTV accounts last week and now it’s top 3 Social Media Campaigns. Let’s be honest, social media campaigns can either be a major flop or a monumental success. Nowadays you can see straight through a really bad campaign, it’s almost physically uncomfortable to watch but when it’s good, IT IS GOOD. We’ve found three campaigns that caught our eyes this month!

Virgin Trains

Rainbows appeared all over as Pride month swung into action, but one rainbow that stood out was a moving one. Virgin Trains showed their support for the LGBTQ+ community last month with their #trainbow going up and down the tracks. Though it got some criticism, the response to those who decided to train on the parade (get it?!) were instantly shut down by Virgin with their witty comebacks, which makes us loves this campaign EVEN MORE.

Virgin Trainbow Campaign

HoloMe X Monki

Our Monumental client HoloMe definitely had to make our list with their partnership with Monki, an extension of the H&M brand. They gave online shopping a new feel as their interactive holograms are the perfect way to showcase Monki’s clothing on their app MonkiLab. Check out this little video to see what we mean:


We couldn’t talk about June 2018 without mentioning the World Cup. Nike refreshed their 1998 World Cup ad and let’s just say it tugged at a few football fans’ heartstrings, 20 million if we’re counting and we definitely are. Bringing back the more traditional elements, like the Rio favelas and mixing it with Coutinho and Willian and the kids with the dreams, who’s not sold?!

That’s a quick roundup of our favourites! What were your favourite campaigns last month? If a campaign catches your eye in July, be sure to send it our way because we love to hear what you think! If there is anything you’d like us to write about, be it SEO or Instagram feeds, don’t hesitate to drop us a message!

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