When HoneyPot met Monumental

An all-new, female-led theatre production called HoneyPot took the stage at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019. With their multicultural cast of talented women, HoneyPot has reinvented traditional fairy tales into tales of modern heroines. HoneyPot is an all-female play portraying an uncensored and comical take on famous fairy tales. This showcase of collective female power brings fairy tales onto the main stage through the perspective of the modern woman.

HoneyPot covers many nuanced themes which include feminism, gender politics, gender roles, sexuality, sexual empowerment and more to the characters on stage. Natalie Ann Boyd, Director and Writer of HoneyPot, has said: “Honeypot is here to revamp timeworn tales by shining a spotlight on the heroines’ viewpoints and exploring the modern day female gaze.” She adds, “We feel a pressing responsibility to create a new quota for gender and racial equality within the arts.”

Monumental was engaged as HoneyPot’s Edinburgh Fringe PR Agency! We worked round the clock to get the show coverage in press, media and influencers as well as inviting select press to attend and review the show.

What do they think?

Jamie and the Monumental Marketing team have gone above and beyond to create a name for my start-up company. Their extensive network of contacts has gained us sponsorship, multiple magazine features, news reviews and radio interviews. No matter the time of day, they respond to emails and phone calls immediately with utter professionalism and a contagious enjoyment for their work. Jamie is completely in touch with the current industry and knows exactly how to achieve the best results in a short space of time. Thank you Jamie and the Monumental Marketing team – I cannot recommend you highly enough!

Natalie Boyd

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