Augmented Reality

When HoloMe met Monumental

Founded by Janosch Amstutz, HoloMe is a new augmented reality technology that displays life-size, high definition holograms via your smartphone or tablet. The technology requires minimal data and the production of the holograms has a quick turnaround time. Users can project the holograms into their own space,  a revolutionary change to online experience.

Monki, an extension of the H&M brand, is currently using HoloMe to showcase nine outfits on their app, MonkiLabs. This is a new shopping experience different from any other as it brings catwalk to you.

HoloMe is working on deploying to other sectors outside of the fashion industry as well such as entertainment, sports, training and industrial education.

What do they think?

Working with Monumental Marketing has thus far been a wonderful endeavour. Their energy, creativity and execution has exceeded expectations and with excellent ideas being brought daily to the table. We have an amazing partnership and long may it continue.

Tom Pascoe
Chief Strategy Officer

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