Instagram Face Filters : 3 accounts you have to follow

Instagram is one of the most used apps on our phones and it looks like it’s going to stay that way. In the latest roll-out of software to keep us hooked on our phone screens, creativity is taking the spotlight. Software developer Spark AR Studios have made their Instagram face filters and AR effects-making tool available to all Instagram users. After a run of use only by beta testers and Facebook, we can now all enjoy its this cool new feature. 

As a social media agency, we at Monumental can sense that it will be a resounding success. There is a plethora of uses for the technology as a marketing tool. Brands could use the software to allow customers to try one clothes or cosmetics, for example. The customisation aspect will do wonders for the shopping experience. Not only this, but the Instagram face filters will a smash hit for entertainment purposes. Take Adidas, for example. with vintage filters and retro-looking photos trending big this year, Adidas Originals decided to create a custom AR effect that adds a VHS look to your stories. 

So, how can you get involved with this new fad? It’s pretty simple, and free too. You simply need to select the new Filters icon that’s been slipped snuggly in between the IGTV and Tagged Photos icons on users’ profiles. From there you can peruse these facial fascinations to your heart’s content. But which one to try first? In this post we’ll give you the 411 on the Instagram accounts you should be following to access the best of the new Instagram face filters.


1. Allan Berger (@allanberger)




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Our first creator is a young chap that makes a wide range of charming and interesting Instagram face filters. Some are cute and colourful, like his ‘Floating Hearts’ or ‘Neko’ filters that turn you into a loved-up cutie and little kitten. Others are more out there, such as his Chinese-inspired ‘DragonMuse4001’. This one will show you what you’d look like with a golden dragon tattooed on your face.

Definitely one to watch, Allan’s filters are a prime example of how features such as these can shed light on budding creatives. 


2. Clay Weishaar (




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This next creator is a bright spark from the Snapchat Lens Studio who has brought her work over to Instagram. Think pop art meets space age. Her Instagram face filters are iridescent, kooky and beautiful. Especially ‘Hyper Saturation’, an iridescent, dripping visor that will fulfill your space-Barbie fantasy. Or ‘Taco Tuesday’, which allows you to convey your Mexican food cravings via tacos orbiting your head. 

Snapchat has for a while now been synonymous with filters. It was a feature that kept users active on their app. But Instagram face filters may well knock them off the top spot. Clay Weishaar’s transition to Instagram is an example of their burgeoning dominance in the story-based social media market. We may be bidding a fond farewell to Snapchat within a couple of years…


3. Johanna Jaskowska (@johwska)




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Lastly, but by no means least, we have Johanna Jaskowska. A young creator whose work has an element of the editorial about it. Her filter ‘Odyssey’ is a nacreous wonder, covering the face in a beautiful sheen. ‘Macka’ is also stunning, a filter which layers a series of reflective masks over the face. Looks that wouldn’t seem out of place on the pages of Dazed, these filters are thoroughly cool.

To unlock these Instagram face filters, users must first follow their creators. This is going to result in filter producers amassing millions of followers, so keep an eye on them. These people may become a new wave of influencers in the Instagram sphere. Sponsorships and advertisements will no doubt become commonplace on their feeds too; a new marketing opportunity is emerging.

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