Four Social Media Resolutions for 2020

We’re midway into January, folks. Blue Monday has passed, pay day is still two weeks away and that early year frost is settling in. We won’t even ask about whether your new year’s resolutions are still in tact. But don’t let yourself get down! While your gym key fob may be collecting dust on the shelf, and your kitchen may smell suspiciously like bacon for Veganuary, you need not despair. There are plenty of other resolutions you can maintain to give you a sense of accomplishment this January. Namely, social media resolutions!

What better time than the beginning of the year to assess your social strategy and make sure that you’re getting the best out of your channels. In this blog we have compiled the top four social media resolutions you can stick to this year. As a London social media agency, we are in prime position to give you the 411 on all things social. Oh and by the way, if you missed our last hilarious blog post, The Monumental 10 Year Challenge, make sure you check it out for a good giggle!


1. Post frequently and consistently

A paramount resolution you can take with you into 2020 is remembering to post regularly and systematically. Plan your content ahead to make sure that you don’t run out of ideas and leave yourself reposting cat memes out of desperation. People are more likely to engage with your account if they can expect regular content from you and so you should aim to keep to a regular schedule.

At several points over the past two years, Instagram reach dropped and so a great way to ensure that your content is seen by as many people as possible is to churn it out.


2. Don’t leave any channels out in the cold

The next of our social media resolutions is a pretty obvious one when you think about it, yet not many people do it. You’ll find that many successful Instagram and Twitter accounts could be achieving equal success on another platform, but the opportunity is wasted! It will require more work if you choose to produce different content for each channel, but even duplicating your content across all platforms is better than nothing.

It is important to use multiple platforms because a different demographic will be reached on each one. According to Hubspot, 40% of Twitter users are between the ages of 18-29 and less than 20% of 50+ year old use it. Facebook also appeals to the 18-29 age group (attracting over 80%), but it proves more popular for an older demographic, as well. 65% of people ages 50 and up use Facebook.

When it comes to brand promotion, these stats are crucial when thinking about who you are hoping to target with your social content.


3. Dammit, break those bad habits, Janet!

There are faux pas that we all make on our socials and now, at the beginning of the decade, we can all come together and work on improving our online selves. Maybe you’re reposting content from other accounts without asking permission first or crediting. Or, perhaps you keep forgetting to post at the time you scheduled.

Use the start of the new year to motivate yourself to run a tight social media ship!


4. Cultivate a curiosity for curation

Our point in our list of social media resolutions is to make sure that your overall feed looks as fab as each individual post! When people land on your Instagram, Twitter or Facebook pages, they will be seeing the whole feed and so it must look appealing. This means coordinating a colour palette on Instagram for example.

As Later states in their blog, try combining videos and images to give a diverse look to your feeds. And the more variations of content the better!

We hope you have found this blog somewhat inspirational as you enter the new year! For more information on anything to do with social media marketing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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