9 Ways Coronavirus Is Affecting Your Digital Marketing

Amidst these lonely and sad times of social distancing and isolation during a pandemic, this virus has affected the world in so many ways. Although the health and safety of human lives across the globe has to remain the highest priority, it is prudent that we acknowledge the impact it will have in the digital world. Whilst the impact, both biological and economical are difficult to predict, there have been patterns of a ripple effect surging through the digital world should the current trends continue. From deserted streets to abandoned restaurants, coronavirus has us all working from home to practice social distancing, and whether you are actually working from home or learning the next viral tik tok dance (we won’t tell, we promise), we can’t help but point out that this virus has affected digital marketing. 

Here are 9 ways that coronavirus is affecting your digital marketing.


1. 34% Increase in Social Media Usage

Yup, you guessed it – The influx of social media usage has increased quite tremendously as we are all stuck at home practicing social distancing.


2. 33% Increase in Internet Use

This may not come as too much of a surprise as social media usage has also increased.


3. 8% Increase in Podcast Listens

Get your favourite podcast on everyone! Whether you’re a listener or a creator, now the time to either soak in podcast content or record podcast content. No matter what your interests are, there’s a podcast out there specifically for you. Have you checked out The Millennial Motivation Podcast yet?


4. 66% of People are Streaming Music which is showing a 16% Increase in Music Streaming

That is a lot of people listening to music – If you’re an artist, now is the time to put out music, people will listen now more than ever.


5. 729% Increase in Searches for High Moving Consumer Goods

Now that’s a huge increase – fast-moving consumer goods such as packaged food, stationery, over-the-counter medicines, cleaning & personal care goods are flying off of the shelves due to everyone panic buying these low cost essential items.


6. 69% Increase in Searches for Home Delivery

Surprise, surprise… Social distancing and WFH (a.k.a Working From Home) equals Deliveroo deliveries and Amazon shopping galore. Restaurants and local businesses must take advantage of this one. Also, support your local, small businesses everyone, they need you now more than ever!


7. 24% Increase in Online News Readers with a 30% Decrease in Newspaper Sales

This doesn’t shock us much considering the significant increase in internet usage over the past month and the lack of people out and about that usually pick up their newspapers on the way to work.


8. Increase in Google searches on ‘How to workout at home’

Not only is ‘How to workout from home’ being searched more, but we can also spot some online trends of fitness equipment being searched more frequently as people are no longer able to go to their gyms anymore.


9. Increase in Google searches on ‘Cabin fever’

No, not the 2002 horror movie. The actual feeling of cabin fever. People are trying to find ways to avoid becoming stir-crazy whilst self-isolating in their homes – Many of us have probably searched this to find new activities or hobbies to ‘cure’ our cabin fever.


As you can see, not only has this pandemic affected thousands of people’s lives socially, biologically and economically, but it also impacted the intangible world of digital marketing. At unprecedented times like these, consumers appear to be more responsive to digital marketing as more of their lives are lived online. So, have you updated your digital marketing strategy to adapt to these new online trends & patterns? If you’re still working on it and need some further tips, you know what to do… give Monumental a shout

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