3 Ways Digital Marketing Will Change After Lockdown

Well, it’s April again. Who would have thought we would still be living under lockdown restrictions one year on?! The first lockdown feels like a lifetime ago but wow how the year has passed! After a whole year of uncertainty, one thing can be certain and that is the events of the past year have, without a doubt, had a significant impact on the digital marketing landscape. 

People under lockdown restrictions have found themselves spending more time online than ever before as the digital world has become our only escape from the confines of our homes. This has been the prime time for professionals in the digital marketing industry to step up their strategies, lookout for new trends and make the most of the huge increase in digital traffic.

As a digital marketing agency in London, this is exactly what we have been doing. Keeping our ears to the ground for the next hot topic and making sure we know what is in and what is out. The digital marketing game changed at the start of the lockdown and now that the lockdown is coming to an end, the landscape is bound to change again. 

We took the liberty of predicting 3 ways we expect digital marketing will change post- lockdown.


#1: Video content will still be popular – but not as we know it. 

No surprise here! Video is a big deal and will continue to be for a very long time. Users crave short, snappy videos… and they are addictive! Longer 3-5 minute video content had its time but now 15 – 60 second clips are what users are looking for.  

With the world under the pandemic’s grip and various countries around the globe enforcing lockdown restrictions and quarantines, social media usage and average screen time saw a massive spike in 2020. You may have seen this first hand on your phone’s weekly screen time report – and don’t feel bad if you were averaging 10 hours a day… you weren’t alone. 

In fact, a report found that during the lockdown, adults in the UK were glued to their devices for up to 40% of their whole day. With all that time online, users found themselves turning to video content more than anything else – specifically TikTok. 

If there was an award for the most popular app in 2020, it would be Tiktok. Tiktok quickly became the 2020’s most downloaded app and a lockdown sensation; an example of how short and snappy videos equalled success. Now, it’s one of the most used apps and a platform for celebrities, content creators, influencers and business owners alike. 

We don’t expect this to change even as lockdown restrictions end. Statistics have shown users have spent on average up to 850 minutes a month on the app at the height of the pandemic and all of those users are here to stay. With trends on TikTok defining mainstream culture, this app along with others like Instagram’s Reels should be at the forefront of ideas when creating social strategies for the year ahead. 


#2: Social media is reverting back…

This may sound a little contradictory to our first point but bear with us. People are going to spend less time on social media than they did during the lockdown… so will video content still be relevant? Yes, even more so.

We expect people to largely go back to their social media behaviours before lockdown as restrictions are eased. Daily routines are moving back towards the pre-COVID days meaning people will have less free time to spend scrolling through content on their phone all day. This is why if you are making content, it has to be as snappy and punchy as ever and even more importantly – targeted! Fine-tune your targeting. 

The content you make needs to transfer all the information you need to a user in the shortest time you can because before you know it, they’ve swiped on to the next post. 


#3: SEO services are crucial for long-term growth post-lockdown

Digital marketing professionals must remember that consumer needs will be changing once again and with that, their search behaviour. As an SEO agency in London, we know when it’s the right time to give your content a lil’ SEO TLC. Now is that time. 

This change in search behaviour will not only affect your business offerings but also how you develop your advertising. For example, now that lockdown is easing, people are more likely to search for “hair salons in London” rather than “how to cut hair at home”. A barbershop would want to make sure that its content is capitalising on high ranking keywords in order to improve its position in search results.

Depending on your industry, a reassessment of the messaging within text ads and content is a necessity. Use sites like Google Trends or MOZ to access the popularity of the keywords you are currently using and find out what trending. You don’t want to be left behind – staying on top of SEO and the changing environment is how you stay ahead of the competition and secure that long-term growth post lockdown. 

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