3 SEO Survival Tips - COVID-19

In the current covid-controlled situation we find ourselves in, the internet has become our natural habitat. This has, of course, meant that what we use it for is a little different. Be it trawling Youtube for the cutest yoga instructor, or ordering your fourth unnecessary facial serum of the week – our search patterns have changed. Due to this, you may be asking yourself whether this will have an impact on your SEO. In this blog post we’ll give you the tea on what’s going on with Google and some SEO tips to bear in mind. Glue down your wig; it’s going to be a good one. Oh, and if you didn’t catch our previous post, 9 Ways That Coronavirus is Affecting Your Marketing, then please go ahead and peruse that!


1. We’re stuck in an organic traffic jam

Before you throw your toys out of the pram when looking at the fallen traffic statistics for your keywords, remember that it’s the same for the vast majority of industries! Google users simply aren’t searching for certain keywords anymore, especially e-commerce sites. Marketing influencer Neil Patel collated data that show that organic traffic for advertising-related searches fell by 15% globally over the past month. Similar drops were seen in the real estate and manufacturing search realms. Industries that have benefited from the pandemic are media, healthcare and food – unsurprisingly. 

This pandemic is, of course, having tectonic repercussions for many sectors of business. But it won’t last forever. So, the first of our SEO tips is to not let your knickers get into too much of a bunch about your search volumes. Concern yourself with the health of yourself and others! Google and other platforms are taking it upon themselves to prioritise the dissemination of COVID-19 information. Just look at your favourite social media channels – they all have hashtags, stickers and prioritised news streams dedicated to it. Trying too hard to have your content prioritised above this is swimming upstream, babe. Chill.


2. Don’t be seen to exploit the situation!

When considering how best to optimise your on-page content in the face of this situation, the glaringly obvious tact is to prioritise coronavirus-related keywords. This is not a foolproof strategy. Firstly, the tech wizards at Google aren’t thick. Search giants will be trying to ensure that key health information people are searching for makes it to them before other results. Stuffing your content with corona keywords will inevitably be flagged by their crawling bots and will do your ranking no good.

Secondly, there is an element of ethics to making sure that you do not attempt to overtake websites with key health information. SEO expert Jordan Koene stated in an interview that he believed that only crucial health content should be published at this time. “If you are not really in line [with corona health content], I don’t think that this is a time or the place for really producing content on this matter.” While not publishing content at all may be a little extreme, being seen to exploit the situation may garner some negative PR. Ensure that if you are creating or optimising content that has to do with coronavirus, you aren’t just doing it to jump on the bandwagon.


3. Optimise as usual

In regards to SEO tips, the best we can give is for you to simply keep calm and optimise on. If you put the brakes on your optimisation projects, you will face an uphill battle when you attempt to kickstart it again. Equally, if you stuff your on-page content with corona keywords, it will not be advantageous to you.

Carry on as you usually would, despite the fact that search volumes will have gone down for many keywords. Stuffing is a no-go, as per usual. Remember that coronavirus is not simply a bandwagon to be jumped on when it comes to SEO. Google is a way in which people find information that could be crucial to the health of them and their loved ones.

We hope this blog post has been enlightening and interesting! If you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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