throughout the years but what’s the point in knowing this but not being able to successfully use the tools social media provides? Here at Monumental Marketing, we are ready to shed some light on the best social media platforms for business. If you’re a bit behind, don’t worry – we have your back! For those who want to be kept in the loop, check out one of our previous blogs which reveals the hottest social media trends 2020 has seen so far. Or, signing up to a social media marketing course is the way to truly advance your knowledge.

1. Facebook and Facebook Messenger: the best match-makers out there

You may be thinking, ‘Facebook, duh, it’s a no brainer,’ since there are  2.41 billion daily active users and it is the most widely used social platform. But why is Facebook one of the best social media platforms for business, specifically? Think of it like this: your friend is trying to set you up with someone. After multiple failed attempts,  you give up on their matchmaking skills, as they’ve failed to find your type on paper. Frustrating, right? Well, when it comes to building a relationship or just reaching out to your target audience, Facebook and Facebook Messenger are cupid in disguise. Good luck with finding a suitor without putting yourself out there. Visibility is key. To optimise the visibility of your business, Facebook advertising is highly efficient. Facebook gives you the power to target your exact audience by age, gender, employment, interests or even purchasing. It’s like selecting your ideal date but being able to tick off all the right requirements. Once you have selected your target audience, then you can put your ads and content on their newsfeed. 

Let’s say Facebook has been successful in finding your ideal matches (you have reached your target audience). Now it’s about maintaining a strong relationship, not just a casual link. Maybe in your personal life you want that, but not for your business. Check out last week’s blog on Key Tips for a Successful Digital PR Strategy, which goes into a bit more depth about maintaining a strong relationship. Facebook also allows you to tailor your ad campaigns to Facebook Messenger. So, when someone clicks on an ad, they are prompted to start a message with your business. You can also set up automated messages like “Thank you for reach out to us!” it gives a personal touch and which helps you slowly build a bond. 

2. Instagram is your biggest fan, girl

Just like Facebook, Instagram is one of the best social media platforms for business, owing to it being a visual platform. Instagram has paid advertising features but also gives you the opportunity to gain these advertising benefits organically. In this example, let’s say Facebook is like your manager. You pay for the advertising features and they do their job. They give you exposure and help you boost your following and lead you towards your rise to fame. Whereas Instagram is your fangirl, they have been there from day one and providing support. If your business grows its following and establishes a community, then it can unlock all these advertising tools for free. Use one of our top Social Media Trends 2020 and bump up your Instagram interactions for a greater attraction between your business and target audience. Use stories, polls, ‘ask me a question’ and different interactive features to grab your target audience’s attention and stand out from the competition. Besides, as Lyfe reports, people remember 80%  of what they see as opposed to what they read or hear. 

3. Tik Tok:  The new girl in town 

Tik Tok can be viewed as one of the best social media platforms for business, which may seem shocking. Normally, when someone thinks of Tik Tok they think of dancing videos not a serious business. Erase that thought, and think of Tik Tok like the new girl. Either she will blend into the background and be eventually forgotten, or she will make everyone’s head turn and become popular. Tik Tok, although launched in 2018, has been downloaded over 1.5 billion times and is gaining popularity quickly. According to AppTrace, Tik Tok jumped from 269th place to 4th in the global download app ranking in February 2019. It would be foolish not to get to know the ‘new girl in town’. In terms of advertising, only influencers hold power. Looking into working with ‘nano influencers’ to help reach a wider target audience will be helpful without losing that tight-knit community. 

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