One of the best things about Facebook Ads is how versatile they can be. They give a marketer the full ability to target almost any audience with a wide variety of different ad formats which have a great potential for customisation and optimisation. As an agency specialising in social media growth in London, this is where we can help you! Here are 4 Facebook Ads tips to help you make the most of Facebook Business and get the system to work in your favour to yield stronger results and maximise your ROI regardless of your campaign objectives.

With 1300 different targeting options available it can be hard to get your head around as even the most skilled marketers can struggle to use the complicated system behind Facebook’s Ads. So, let’s get to it.

#1: Know your audience!

Facebook is renowned for its large variety of targeting options. There are seemingly endless possibilities to create any audience group imaginable. It is so easy to get carried away with all the different tools within the Facebook Ads interface and this can sometimes over complicate things. You should avoid creating hyper-niche audiences as this can actually have an adverse effect on the success of your campaign. Making the target audience too small can significantly limit performance and restrict your campaign from reaching its true potential. 

Cue our first Facebook ads tips. The best way to target an audience is to keep it simple. Know who you want to target before choosing the targeting criteria. Stick to the basics; if you are going to target “vegans” and “animal enthusiasts”, avoid getting distracted by all the extra targeting options even if they seem relevant. 


#2: Focus on Mobile Content

People are using their mobile phones now more than ever! The best way to reach a target audience is to bring the content to them where they are more likely to see it and interact with it. Creating content that is optimised for a computer screen is great but it might not work as well where it matters most. Desktop content does not always translate well to mobile and vice versa. This is why it is important to create mobile content that takes the mobile user and how they see the ad into consideration. 

As our third Facebook ads tips, make sure that you explore different mobile formats like Story Ads and Canvas Ads as these can deliver the audience right to your landing page and have proven to be exceptionally engaging with 53% of users that open a Canvas Ad viewing at least half of it. If you are optimising a video for mobile then make it more vertical so an audience can view it in full-screen without having to rotate their phone. It is all about making your content as straightforward and simple for your audience. 


#3: Retargeting is your Best Friend

That’s right, in the world of Facebook Ads retargeting is your best friend. On average, retargeting ads have higher conversion rates and lower CPCs. Facebook Ads allow you to target based on two categories: people on a list you have created and people who have engaged with your business in some shape or form. Whether the ad is targeting a user who has only visited a page on your website or a user who is a regular consumer, the familiarity of your content will increase the likelihood of them clicking on the ad to see what you have to offer and increasing the chance they convert. 

Regardless of the type of audience, you are choosing to target, remember to use all the information you have to your full advantage when creating the relevant messaging.


#4: The Importance of Ad Copy

Finally, there is Ad copy. The fundamental tool in an advertiser’s arsenal. Ad copy can increase conversion rates, increase profits, and increase the value of your product or service. Create sets of Ad copy which all include multiple headlines and multiple Ad texts that work together cohesively. Each of the texts should be focused on one definitive message but written in a different style and tone to target a different appeal. Keep the basic offer consistent but emphasise it in different ways.

Experiment with a variety of formats, from longer paragraphs to bullet points. Include numbers and statistics in headlines and create copy that is rich with keywords relevant to your product or service. 

From focusing on the audience and developing the type of content to how to optimise your content and reach your audience, Facebook Ads can be a bit daunting but hopefully, these tips will make you feel more confident about using them. These tips should help you make the most out of your Facebook Ads, increase your ROI, and ultimately yield stronger results. 


  • Ryan is our in-house SEO Manager at Monumental. He's been working in the SEO field since 2017 in various niches. Prior to working for Monumental, Ryan was in the dog training company where he grew the organic traffic from 128 monthly visitors to 3622 monthly visitors in a single week. When not perfecting the on-site optimisation of a webpage, he can be found rock climbing in the nearby climbing gym or catching up on some much-needed mediation.