Welcome to our first blog post of 2020! In light of political tensions reaching an all-time high at the turn of the decade, what better way to celebrate than a 10-year challenge!

As a social media agency, we keep abreast of all the latest trends to grace the social media sphere. So, did you think for one second that we would pass up the opportunity to flex our high school hair cuts? Of course not. Gird your loins ladies and gents, you’re about to see the Monumentals as you never have before…

1. Jamie Love

Our first victim is the man of the hour, Mr Jamie Love. First things first, we must all congratulate Jamie on it being 10 years since overcoming his GHD addiction. You can just imagine the size of the chiropractor bill he racked up from constantly flicking his Justin Beiber hair. Let’s be honest though, we all wanted that haircut/helmet in 2010, and Jamie nailed it.

It looks like starting a successful business does one’s wardrobe a world of good! An undeniable glow-up here, Jamie has gone from baby Belieber to handsome businessman extraordinaire! And he has cut down his wear of zip-up hoodies to only twice a week.

2. Alicia

Ok, if we’re talking glow-ups, this is a glow-UP. Style icon Alicia Van der Meer has come a long way since the days of picnic blanket chic. Although, adorable baby Alicia still has a tan that most of us could only dream of, even if it’s only on her arms.

Fast forward to 2020, and we have one hot tamale on our hands. Look at that bad b**ch energy – you can’t touch her, honey! Tanline-free and ready to take 2020 by storm.

3. Henry

It’s a miracle what a bit of facial hair can do to a boy. Look at young baby-faced Henry, all smooth and innocent. You’d think after spending so much time in the closet that he’d have found a nicer polo top to wear to school, I mean honestly. A relatively mediocre attempt at the Beiber fringe, it really does pale in comparison to the straightening skills of Jamie Love. Baby Henry reeks of curly hair denial.

Moving on to 2020, living his best life at London Pride and hair curlier than ever, Henry has been blessed with a glow-up. So scarred by his previous polo shirt fashion faux pas, it does however seem he has given up wearing clothes altogether.

4. Heidi

Now we come to our fabulous Head of Operations, Miss Heidi Wolfe. Never wanting to miss out on any trend, Heidi was really coming for Jamie with her own Beiber fringe! And Henry thought he was being cool with his moustache, but Heidi was flexing that alternative style back when he was learning his times tables.

In 2020, we have Heidi, the badass Queen of Seattle. Still adorable as ever, but now with popping lipstick and free from sepia tones.

5. Chris

Next up we have our handsome creative wiz, Chris. It’s a wonder what a fresh fade can do for a man, especially after David Beckham’s tight grip on men’s hairstyle trends was finally relaxed. Look at that skinny tie and shirt combo – Justin Timberlake is shook.

2020 looks like it’s going to be a good year for Chris. With a shapely nose like that, the whole world is your oyster. We’ll just let you take a break from this article for a second, so you can really appreciate this glow-up. It’s so wonderful to see that Chris has gone from Cry Me A River to ‘leave Britney alone!’ realness.

6. Robyn

Lastly, but by no means least, we have our beautiful Robyn! Talk about glow-ups – Robyn is literally glowing in 2020! In 2010 it seems dogs were a girl’s best friend, but now it seems that a dewy foundation takes the top spot.

Robyn was sporting that Yeezy style way before Kim K – just look at those coordinated grey tones. Her wardrobe has evolved since then, much as Kim’s has. Robyn will be bringing out her own line of SKIMS before you know it – keep your eyes peeling for her ‘Break the Internet’ pictures!

We hope you enjoyed seeing us at our tender 2010 ages and had a good giggle! All we can say is, thank goodness for the style self-awareness renaissance that swept the 2010s. If you have any questions about Monumental, or you just want to heckle our questionable past choices, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


  • Alicia, the digital marketing dynamo herself, is our digital marketing Manager at Monumental. We are yet to find something our Indonesian-Belgian princess can't do. Prior to discovering Monumental, Alicia finished an honours degree in Sociology at the University of Kent and began building her marketing network in the Middle East. Having graced us with her stunning social channel aesthetics and unrivalled powers of Influencer marketing and SEO for several years now, it's no wonder she's giving us that side-eye.